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By from Ireland

Love them (05 March 2012)

I got some of these to wear in my stretches at night, as I hate wearing steel tunnels to sleep in.
Kind of tricky to get in at first but feel super comfortable when you have them in, draws less attention to your ears too, so recommended for work/school :)

By Anonymous

excellent (03 October 2009)

I got these in 16mm, they looked scarily big when they arrived lol but super easy to get in, I put them when I was in the bath, super comfortable 10/10, I love them XD

By Anonymous

easy (22 February 2009)

i found these easy to insert. i used them to stretch from a 12mm to a 14mm and they did te job purfect.
they are great to sleep in aswel, i find with some plugs and tunnels they can dig into the side of the head but these dont. they are comfortable!

By Anonymous

Great! (30 January 2009)

This Has Helped A Lot.... I Dont Get Told Off As Much At School Since I've Got This .... Teachers Ignore It Coz Its Clear .... Amazing Well Worth It!

By Anonymous

very comfortable (18 November 2008)

These are great for wearing at school or work as they arent very noticeable and they dont draw attention to your stretches. a little akward to get in and out but very comfortable to wear.

By Anonymous

POP! (11 November 2008)

I love this product its well good.
Although the pop it makes scares me when i put it in rofl!

By Anonymous

brilliant (05 November 2008)

there ausom to were but i put it in two days after stretching and then 5 days later put taper back in and had to stretch it so there good to were but not to hold ur sretch but ill defanitly get another one 10 outa 10

By Anonymous

these are well cute (03 June 2008)

i really like these.

im not sure about stretchin with them but their great to wear, i still prefer eyeltes though

By Anonymous

hmmm (11 March 2008)

i guess it looks okay but ive had several problems!

18mm is ok to put in but its not as squashy as i thaught, also its pretty dangerous to use these to size up ears as they cant be sterolised.

when i got a 5mm for my septum it was impossible to put in i had to cut it in half but then it woudlnt go in til i taped it to an inserction pin! i

i also tried it for my 5mm nostrils i had to cut the flaired ends off they were also too long, and it was too grippy to put in it also caused alot of irritation and was even harder to take them out.

looks kool in your ear il give it that!

By Anonymous

uber cool (22 February 2008)

so light and comfortable there simply a must for anyone with big ears lol

By Anonymous

Excellent, But Too Long (15 February 2008)

I was so excited about it arriving & I didn't have long to wait with the typically excellent BJS service. It looked good in was so easy to get in with a little lube, very light, very comfortable & slid under my motorbike very easily. The only drawback is the length, It was 1/2inch long, if you can live with that then it's worth the money.

By Anonymous

jelly like (10 February 2008)

these tunnels are very comfortable and very light. They hide your stretches very well. worth the money

By Anonymous

Squishy (26 October 2007)

These tunnels are really light and comfortable to wear, they're great to sleep in because you'll never wake up with a chunk of metal digging into your face. They're quite long, it'd personally prefer a narrower saddle but they're so simple to insert. Really important to lubricate them because they can feel a bit sticky, I like to use blended Tea Tree oil. The colour isn't totally clear, but they do give your ears a 'naked' look.

By Anonymous

Kaos silicone (04 October 2007)

I have only used two silicones to stretch my ear to 14mm then 16mm because i found that wearing stretching tapers larger than 10mm were way too big.
The silicone really surprised me, it stretched my ear practically overnight and i was able to wear a tunnel straight after. I found that because the silicone was clear it was easily hidden at school even though it was 16mm.
Sometimes i prefer to wear the silicone to my actual steel tunnel because its much lighter, comfortable, doesnt smell as much as metal tunnels tend to and i can wear it in sport!
So all in all i'd buy a silicone again if i were stretching further and anyone unsure about silicones should hopefully have confidence in them!

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