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By from Ireland

Amazing (02 April 2012)

I love the Kaos silicone tunnels, bought these in 12mm to stretch up from 10mm.
Easy to put in and remove. Feel SUPER comfortable & are amazing to sleep in or wear with headphones.

I highly recommend these, they may seem a tad expensive but they are definitely worth it, you can feel the sturdiness of them but they squash easily when they need to!


By from Somerset

Fantastic (30 July 2011)

I only started using these silicone tunnels a while ago - best thing ever, they have enabled me to stretch my ears faster and better.... cheap and availiable in loads of colours and size aswell as shapes... best way to get bigger holes i love them

By from England

Kaos Silicone Flesh Tunnel (09 October 2010)

Very good piece of silicone jewellery, very flexible but strong enough to stretch with. I bought this in 19mm to stretch and it's been very easy, minimal pain and really easy to clean and insert. 10/10

By from Norway

great (20 August 2010)

I love theese ones. Just had to order myself 3 moore in different colours cince i streched up a couple of mm.
They feel fantastic, and they look fantastic.

By Anonymous

Very gooooood : ) (25 July 2010)

They are very comfy and easy to put in!

By Anonymous

Good tunnel (23 May 2010)

Really easy to put in and are also really comfortable to wear at night

By Anonymous

Good product and not flimsy (08 April 2010)

These are good flesh tunnels. I especially like how their thicker then usual and they aren't flimsy nor do they fall out or break. There strong and great for the price I paid. 10 Thumbs up.

By Anonymous

Prefect (Y) (02 January 2010) the title says, they are perfect.

very comfatable, easy to put in and take out.
easy to clean. cheep. + they look pretty fab in streched ears too !

I wear these all the time, pretty much love them, i highly recomend these to anyone looking to buy light tunnels. these are also perfect after you've just streched them. (Y)

By Anonymous

Awesome product!!! (20 December 2009)

I bought a pair of these a long while back, they fit so comfortably!!! Especially if you like to wear plugs to bed, most hard ones will irritate while sleeping or if you happen to be wearing something tight fitting over the head and ears. All I know is these are brilliant :) Also super easy to put in.

I also found a neat trick, if you have any plugs a size or so smaller than these that you can no longer wear because you went up a size, try pushing them into these tunnels while wearing them to add some color and flair while still retaining the comfort these tunnels give :)

By Anonymous

Silicone = Genius. (17 October 2009)

Brilliant idea - wish these had been around when I first stretched my lobes. I wear a helmet or a beanie all the time for snowboarding, and these stretchings are perfect as they bend when you need them to. No soreness - ace.

By Anonymous

About this product (27 August 2009)

gud product,
non irritable, very light and comfortuble ,

By Anonymous

Tunnel (25 May 2009)

I think these would be easier to get in the larger the ear is stretched. Mine are 6mm and I found it hard to get these in, especially before they'd healed.

By Anonymous

Ace :) (04 May 2009)

These are really good to buy :)
At first i ordered one (cos it was when i only had 1 ear stretched) and i bought an 8mm, and they're really comfortable to have in, generally i would say silicone is the best for comfortable tunnels/plugs :)

By Anonymous

Pretty good ^-^ (26 March 2009)

Bought these in 16mm. Nice and comfy to wear, easy to put in, but a little difficult to keep clean!

By Anonymous

Great (06 March 2009)

Super comfortable. look cool. and a nice price...

What else could you want?

And they are good for mospits... no more sore ears for me XD

By Anonymous

Comfy + Useful (04 March 2009)

got my 5mm today, using it as a quick stretch up from 4mm! really easy to put in after folding up, and really comfy to wear. only thing is that its a bit long, so sticks out of the back of your ear slightly, but nothing bad! really good product!

By Anonymous

(Y) (24 October 2008)

Ideal if you're in a strict school and have to yank it out when the head of year comes in!

By Anonymous

lovely! (25 September 2008)

ive got these silicone tunnels in 14mm in all colours, ive never had a problem with these and there ideal for goin to gigs as they will never come out!! great buy!

By Anonymous

Pretty good. (03 September 2008)

Swiftly delivered as always. The only thing as mentioned before is they stick out a little more than you'd probably imagine. But all in all its a good product, it goes in easily and they are also pretty good for just stretching your ears up a millimeter or two painlessly.

By Anonymous

s'nice! (20 July 2008)

arrived within a day of ordering. nice and easy to use. I actually wear this in my tongue and it fits perfectly and doesn't cause any problems.. other than i can't say certain letters lol (D,T,E) but these were designed for ears so thats my fault really lol. all in all i'd give this product 9/10

By Anonymous

tunnels (18 June 2008)

Was amazed at how fast they arrived and found them really easy to put in. One drawback is they are quite long and so stick out at the back.

By Anonymous

Stretching (12 June 2008)

These are so easy to use, to stretch your ears.

Just fold them up, put them in your ear... and poop it slowly stetches your ear, and doesn't hurt!

By Anonymous

silicone tunnel (09 April 2008)

This isn't my favorite tunnel to use. It's comfortable but it doesn't lie flat against my lobe and silicone isn't the best material for letting your skin breath.

It is good to sleep in though as it is very flexible.

By Anonymous

good and bad (02 April 2008)

these are really great but have there drawbacks.

they are really easy to get in and feel good once in you forget they're there! BUT they look quite clumsy, in my opinion, as I'm at 16mm it actually looks about 20mm because of the outside rim.

By Anonymous

coolness (26 March 2008)

As cool as the idea is of having a silicon tunnel is, their just not as good as you think they would be, i mean they are comfortable, but again they are a bit too long and pick up a lot of dust. But they are still cool.

By Anonymous

awesome jewellery!!! (05 January 2008)

i bought this over a year ago when i 1st saw them n i've not taken it out since (apart from 2 clean it that is :) !) it's the most comfortable piece of jewellery ive had nywhere on my body n i've had a few! only prob is it's a bit long for ears but cant wait til i finally get my tongue stretched enuf 2 fit 1 in!

By Anonymous

silicon tunnel (01 January 2008)

these are by far the most comfortable tunnels I have ever worn. They are really easy to get in and out and they are also very comfortable to sleep in.

By Anonymous

Silicone Flesh Tunnel (03 December 2007)

This is probably one of the best Flesh Tunnels I have ever worn
They are real comfortable, easy to get in and out with out hassle or pain.
Its a shame they only go up to 16mm in size

By Anonymous

silicone tunnels (23 November 2007)

one of the best tunnels about, easy to put in and take out. great for sleeping aswell.

By Anonymous

Really comfy! (20 November 2007)

These are easier to get in and out than i expected. They are also light and comfy to wear. Perfect for sleeping in. I read that they can come out quite easy but mine haven't come out at all day or night. I find they grip to my ears really well. A good buy, great value for money! I'll definately be getting them in other colors. Only gripe is they would be better if they were slightly shorter.

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