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By from Australia

I always buy these! (29 October 2012)

I LOVE these earskins, they are always brightly coloured, super squishy, and richly pigmented and true to the description.
I always buy kaos over other silicone types because they fit nicely and while the others are comfortable, I find these go in easier and the wearable isn't as long. They always show off my stretched ears, and even though for the majority of the time I wear them to bed, I like to wear them out and about too!
People always talk about these on stretching forums, and for a good reason, they are awesome! <3

By from Colchester, Essex

Amazing (09 September 2012)

These are just amazing. i have been struggling to find something comfortable to sleep in for my cartilage tunnel (i have uploaded a pic! 6mm btw). These are just perfect :D I only put this in once my cartilage piercing was healed though (it was done with a dermal punch if you want to know :P).
Ive bought a few piercing bits from BJS and they never cease to give brilliant service and great delivery times :)

By from midlands

Perfect (14 August 2012)

I bought these for my 22mm stretches and I can only emulate the other reviews, make your stretches look alot bigger, and they are super lightweight, which is good if like me, you worry sometimes about lobes. No good for stretching though, they are way too flimsy, but a tunnel for that :P


so so good! (28 March 2012)

The best £8 I've possibly ever spent (I bought two, obvs). They are so comfortable, and as they're so simple they make my 8mms look so much bigger! I was wearing wood tunnels in my ears so I'll wait and see how my lobes are after a few days, but right now they look amazing.

By from Bournemouth

Crackin' (20 April 2011)

These are awesome! Although the colour is more of a magenta pink than the purple seen here, but I actually prefer it. They're SO easy to put in, and comfortable, make your holes look huge, and just...awesome. Ahh, so much love for this product.

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