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By from edinburgh

GOOD (18 October 2015)

The green kaos silicone skin eyelets look good on my ears. Definitely noticeable. Id recommend them to anybody. :D

By from Puerto Rico

AWESOME! (01 November 2012)

The product is very good and also the shipping!

By from Norway

Awesome! (25 June 2012)

These are really good :) Soo comfortable! And the colour is really good as well. What's not to love?

By from Dublin

Really Stand Out (02 April 2012)

I got these in 8mm, they make my stretches look way bigger and the colour makes them really stand out. I have these in lots of different colours, they're great for everyday wear and for sleeping in, never fall out and give no irritation at all.

By from Manchester UK

Best thing i've bought from here :D (05 June 2011)

Well well well... This shop is amaizing and this item is amaizing... Definetly reccomend this product. I bought a surgical steel tunnel from a body mod shop and it was soo tiny... i get this eyelet and it really shows off my ears. At first I was worried about the colour but the Green is both suttle and Vibrent... great to get you noticed and great to stay secluded... well at my size anyway, I'm only a 4mm but soon to be peircing my lobe again and i'll definetly order another one :D

uploading a picture of my 4mm ear so you can see how good it is :)

By from UK

toxic! (12 May 2011)

these are so green their kind of amazing! im reminded of toxic green slime or something. really bright and noticeable :D


Amazing (04 May 2011)

This is incredible! It was much thinner than I thought it was which was pretty cool. I've only just got it through the post. It definately makes your hole look bigger. Also the colour stands way out. Its easy to get in and out. Not a bad word to say about it :)

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