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By from Northen Mi.

Great naked look! (23 November 2019)

I love these things since getting them recently. I'll echo everyone's praises and not knowing there in and fit perfectly and keep the gage at a perfect 0 shape. Plus you can wear smaller sized but still large and heavy if you wanted, rings in them and not stretch your lobes oddly. I have one lobe that relaxes more than the other so I always loose the one plug or have to take breaks wearing them so they fit right. No worries with these and I'm purchasing a smaller size for my conch when it is healed up. It feels great to run around almost naked! Jewelry wise.

By from London

Clear Eyelets. (03 August 2018)

Absolutely adore this product. Definitely my favourite of tunnels. From afar gives an illusion that there isn’t any jewellery.
Even though my mother knows I stretched my ears, when I first wore them she freaked out a little saying it looks like I carved out chucks of my ear in a perfect round circle.
Wear them almost all the time. So easy to put in and take out but very secure in the ear. Very comfortable and lightweight as well. Was wary of silicone in the past and usually stuck with stainless steel and acrylic, but after wearing these eyelets I’m converted and will definitely get more in future. Recommend!! Even those with a smaller gauge, it’s worth it. Also not to mention very fast delivery (received it the next day).


Kaos silicone skin eyelet in clear. (07 July 2018)

I got two pairs (for 6mm and 12mm) for both ears - they fit easily and very comfortable. Don’t even feel them in, very light, not to mention it doesn’t come out easily either. Definitely would recommend it. Planning to get more in various colours in the near future.

By from Brussels

Exactly what I was waiting for! (08 January 2018)

1. It arrived really quickly: 7 days from USA to Brussels.
2. Good packaging: well protected.
3. Very easy to put, we don't feel them.
4. Really cool look, almost totally transparent and nice with normal earings.

I bought them in 10mm and my stretchs look even bigger when I put them, which is a good thing.

By from London

Amazing (10 January 2015)

Ordered them yesterday, arrived today - amazingly fast delivery. And the ear skins themselves are beyond great! I'd read about Kaos and although I have totally avoided silicone throughout my stretching, thought I'd give it a go. MASSIVELY IMPRESSED! I got 2.5mm, 4mm and 14mm for my triple and they feel like nothings in there and look like nothing's in there.

Love love love.

By from Wales

Excellent product, excellent service! (06 August 2014)

I ordered these on Sunday night and they came Wednesday morning - perfect!

I originally doubted that these would actually work. But I ordered them anyway (in 12mm) because of the good reviews and pictures. I put them in this morning and I was so surprised by how invisible they are! My mum was a bit freaked out by them and my dad actually noticed for the first time that my ears were stretched...(they have been for at least 2 years). They really do make your stretches look bigger and they make it look like you have no jewellery in - they just leave great big gaping earlobes! They are so comfy and easy to insert, I might just have to buy every colour!

By from Australia

Awesome! (19 November 2013)

i got these in 22mm, these are awesome for school because teachers see but assume you got nothing in your ears, so they dont bother you because if you got nothing there, they cant ask you to take it out.

By from Lancaster

Great (06 September 2013)

really good tunnels, so comfortable and not noticeable when being worn. got these for college so i can take my plugs out when on practical with the animals without my ears shrinking.

By Anonymous

awsome (24 September 2012)

im 11 and i bought this for school and they are brilliant now i dont have to take anything out:)

By from Birmingham

wow!! (19 April 2012)

i have them in 4mm and they are a bit tricky to get in at first but they feel so nice! you dont even know that you have them in;)


Awesome (19 April 2012)

These are so comfortable and easy to wear. Also, I like to wear them with my stone plugs, so they don't ever fall out. :) I would suggest buying 4, though, because they're easy to lose.

By from Aberdeen

squishy ear protection (10 February 2012)

I wear these under my motorbike helmet for two reasons - they squish, so I don't crush my lobes or lose plugs, and they don't get cold like metal plugs/tunnels do.
My ears are happy.

One point to consider though - these are Kaos earskins, so they come in American (inch/gauge) sizes. I bought 10mm, they measure at 9.6mm (cos they'll actually be 00g).
I've also heard the "12mm" is actually half-inch, which is more like 12.7mm. These might sound like tiny differences but a fraction of a millimetre can make a bigger difference to your ears than you might expect, so just bear that in mind.

By from Plymouth

worth every penny! (21 November 2011)

i bought these not to hide my plugs for work or whatever but because i thought they would look weird. i got two 16mm and two 5mm for both sets of plugs in my ears and they look amazing! they fit so snuggley in my ears, I've had many many people ask how i keep my ears round because they cant see the plug in my ear they think my stretched ears are naturally that round!

I'd definately recommend these if you are tryin to hide your plugs for school/work etc

plus they don't smell like other plugs tend to and i don't need to clean them as often as i have needed to with other plugs

best pieces of jewellery I've bought i think!

i was so happy i bought one of my septum too

Chelsea Smile Model

By from norwich

amazing but be careful! (28 October 2011)

this product is soo good and have aloud me to wear tunnels during school but however i have lost them so many times i think im on my 4th one now due to puting them down and then not being able to find them also when you get to around a 14mm it falls out during sleep and also falls out whilst swimming other than that they are amazing!! :)

By Anonymous

Life Savers! (24 October 2011)

My school is sostrict and im not aloud any jewellery. I had already tried clear acrylic screw back tunnels and kaos skin coloured plugs. they still noticed them even though i had my hair down :( so my last resort was to use these plugs. even at 12mm it looks like there is nothing in my ears. when my teachers ask me to show them my ears i can and they can see nothing in them. I LOVE this product so much, these have aloud me to keep my ears stretched. i wished i bought these the first time instead of wasting money :)

By from Ireland

Epic! (05 August 2011)

A must buy, comfort and style just got kicked up a notch! :P

By from Cardiff

Amazing (01 August 2011)

These really are undetectable, I've had loads of people asking why I'm not wearing any jewellery. They make it look like you aren't wearing anything, and just have perfectly circular tunnels.

I have a pair of black acrylic smooth segments from a couple of sizes ago, and they look great just looped through these, freely rattling about.

By from Scotland

Comfort to the max (15 July 2011)

I have ordered and worn these, and many other colours, in my 5mm and 4mm holes. These are great for sleeping, sport, or any activity. The clear just gives added shock value since it makes your lobes look like swiss cheese. Kaos eyelets are a staple to my wardrobe, and always will be.

By from Chichester, UK

Invisible! (03 July 2011)

I bought these a while ago and they were amazing! They were a bit difficult to put in at 10mm at first because they were so squidgy but as i got used to them they were my favourite tunnels. Also they are truly invisible and looked amazing, and fun for scaring my mum with them! But i put them on my table and they completely dissapeared so be careful! Now buying a second pair.

By from Guern

:) (06 June 2011)

My favourite pair. Perfect under headphones.
They're so thin it makes it look like you've gone up a size and since they're invisible people notice my transverse lobe piercings so much more.

By from Wales

Invisible (03 May 2011)

As title looks like a naked year until you really stare and see the tunnel in your ear

10/10 loves these the most outta all my tunnels/plugs

By from Newry

Awesome! (12 March 2011)

Wow what a great plug it's so good and you can't even feel it in your ear the only downside is that its pretty hard to get in your ear if you've got a 5 mm hole or less awesome plug overall stoked with it

By from Austin tx

Sweetness (10 March 2011)

This plug is awesome! My first Kaos pair ever, but based on how good this one feels I'm totally buying different colors too. Super soft and great for school and work. My boss doesn't even know how to respond to these. >.<

By from Nottingham

best sleepers ever (02 March 2011)

These are absolutely brilliant!!!! I bought a pair just for the purpose of sleeping in and im really glad i did! These are the most comfortable pair i own to date! I find the best way to get them in is to fold them in half and wiggle them round in your ear until they open fully. i was concerned if they bend so easily they my fall out while im asleep but theyre actually really good at staying in! Fantastic product!


Perfect :) (01 February 2011)

I got this so teacher's couldn't say anything at school, and it's perfect, you can't see it but it keeps the hole open, it's really comfy and it looks amazing. I had to use my taper from a size down to smooth it out once it was in, but it was easy really :)

By from London

Wow f*ck you economics teacher (01 February 2011)

don't know what to say about these other than wow
they're really thin and comfortable and literally invisible.
Although think twice if you're thinking to stretch with these because i ended up having to use a taper and then pop it in and use a taper again just to round it out properly on the inside..

By Anonymous

Kaos! (07 December 2010)

I've already had/have a few pairs of Kaos jewelry (and loooved the earskins), but these clear ones are the best thing I have ever seen :D They're so discrete yet create a dramatic effect. Very comfy too. (though I don't sleep in them because bigger sizes can get crumpled up)
I love how simple they look.

By from PARIS

A W E S O M E (03 December 2010)

10mm. It is very thin. It is the most comfortable plug I have ever tried! Very great! It doesn't disturb me when I sleep, for exemple.
BUT. If you want to strech with that plug, prefer a thicker one. (my opinion). It will be easier because this one is not strong enough to unfold. (sorry for my very bad english!)
But anyway, the best silicon plug ever!

By from Alaska

Savior! (03 December 2010)

I tried so many plugs of different materials and I thought stretched ears were not meshing well with my body because my ears would not heal completely. I had my plugs for two years and finally discovered Kaos Silicone skin eyelets. They seriously saved my stretched ears and I can't praise them enough. My ear lobes are completely healed and I always forget that they are in. They make my hole look so much bigger too, which is a plus.
Get these!


<3 (22 October 2010)

Simply amazing *_*

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