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By from Somerset

Great (30 July 2011)

Bought these for my girlfriend as she is always loosing the toppers - somehow! she loved the pack with its choice of colours, great value and qualtity

By Anonymous

good value and fun (17 July 2010)

great product for people who like change and variety. comfortable and easy to change each ball. i recommend this product strongly.

By Anonymous

i love these! (06 February 2010)

they where great value for money
and great cause i love to change my bar alot!
these are a must have for anyone like me!

By Anonymous

Great Value (06 February 2010)

I convinced my sister to get her tongue pierced, and these were the perfect bribe! she absolutely loves them, and the gems are really bright.

By Anonymous

Oh So Handy (07 January 2010)

These a great for someone who likes to change the balls on their tongue bars often (me personally cant be bothered but I have changed it more since I bought this. Why? Because I can!!)
It is also handy to keep a little baggy with the balls in to hand cos if you ever lose a ball from an other piercing these fit perfect.

Def a recommended buy this pack and all other bonus packs come to think of it. Saying that, these are pretty though!

By Anonymous

Everyday of the week!! (07 December 2009)

Great value for money!!
Handy aswell as if like me you are prone to losing the balls for whatever body piercing!! Always a spare available!

Look soo pretty aswell and now I can have a different one for each day of the week (if I can be bothered to keep changing them!)

Would definately recommend this product

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