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By Anonymous

Shiny (07 March 2009)

I love these, at 6mm they look great with lobe piercings! And unlike other natural balls i'm not scared of chipping it

By Anonymous

AMAZING (08 December 2008)

these are so easy to put in. i find them much easier than titanium or steel ones.

the dark colour also looks really cool

By Anonymous

Cheap yet decent (19 April 2008)

I first got one of these as a back up ball incase i lose my decent ones, however it looks alot better in my BCR than i fort it would, i now wear it regulary and at £0.50 it really isn't much of a loss if you don't like it. Definatly worth buying

By Anonymous

great (01 March 2008)

i like these. they look great in any BCR

By Anonymous

Fantastic Contrast. (22 February 2008)

I just bought 2 Hematite Clip-In Balls for my B.C.Rs and they look fantastic. If you want people to notice your piercings they will certainly help draw attention because of the contrasting Silvery Metal to the Dark colour of the Hematite.

They are a great clip-in accessories and make a nice theme if you are looking for dark and light colours.

By Anonymous

Great product. (30 November 2007)

These clip in balls look great. And are a natural product which fit nicely into any clip-in ball jewlerry :)

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