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By from Cheshire UK

Awesome (13 November 2010)

Really happy with these,
I got mine in a 3mm for my 3rd lobe piercing,
look great, both in day and night.

By Anonymous

Small, but cute :) (20 May 2010)

I bought this for my tragus labret and was pleasantly surprised at how well it glows. If you leave it under a light for literally a few seconds, you'll get a good 5-10 minutes of glowing, which is quite good! Even at 3mm, it's still quite noticeable and the colour is lovely in the day time.

Stands out nicely in the dark, definitely will get you noticed. A must buy if you want something different :)

By Anonymous

Cool (14 February 2010)

A good buy - worth the trickiness of putting it on

By Anonymous

Would recommend! (22 January 2010)

I purchased the larger version of this ball in several colours and I am happy with all of them. The colours are nice in daylight or the dark. Also, I find them a lot easier to screw onto the barbells than any kind of metal balls. Well worth what I spent.

By Anonymous

Scaffold; 5mm (15 October 2009)

Bought this for my scaffold bar, looks great, fits perfectly and great value :)

By Anonymous

Great (12 September 2009)

I got these to wear with labret studs in my ears and am very pleased with them. Now i want to get more colours!

By Anonymous

<3 (03 January 2009)

Looks fantastic on my tongue bar, only problem I have with it is that it doesn't glow for long and it's rarely seen glowing as it's constantly in a dark place (my mouth) when I wear it.
However, it is a beautiful colour and glows pretty well.

Great value for money, although would look better in a more visible piercing.

By Anonymous

wow (29 October 2008)

i have these on a tongue bar and they are fab. Im going to try them on a body spiral that i wear in the ear :)

By Anonymous

glow ball (01 July 2008)

This product is amazing.I am now having my ears pierced for the 2nd time just so i can wear as many of these nice earrings as i can!

By Anonymous

Glow in the Dark Threaded Ball (07 March 2008)

These Threaded balls are guaranteed to get peoples attention, not only do they glow in the dark but they also glow under UV lights! Draw attention to any piercing even when the lights are out! These balls are suitable for all threaded jewellery types and in lots of great colours so all your piercings can stand out from the pack!

By Anonymous

Now I can find my face in the dark (13 January 2008)

Does what it says on the box. Its purple and it glows in the dark. What it doesn't say on the box though, is that it also glows under UV light! 2 products in one!

By Anonymous

XD (01 October 2007)

these are really cool i love glow in the dark things n purple things

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