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By from CA

Okay not bad (05 September 2012)

I love how they were easy and simple to stretch my ear, only thing that i was disspointed was how they dont glow quite a lot, i was expenting a consistent glow, but overall good product.

By from Northamptonshire

:D (21 July 2011)

I brought this for my boyfriend when he decided to go up from 8mm and I thought the glowing would look good when we went out. It was great and he really loved the only idea the only thing I have to add is I would not class this as clear its more that white/green translucent color glow in the dark things usualy kinda should of suspected that.

By from cornwall

excellent! (18 August 2010)

I was at 2.4mm and bought one of these in 3mm clear. It went through quite easily, a little at a time, over the space of a few hours. Came with glow in the dark 'o' rings - looks quite discreet during day and does glow slightly in the dark. Now planing to go for another in 4mm!

By from -

Nice! (26 July 2010)

Bought this taper after staying at 4mm for 1 month, after a shower to soften up the skin this taper went through so easily, even better than stainless steel!!!! Read this review and buy, you wont be disappointed! Glows in the dark slightly! awesome!

By Anonymous

5mm (02 March 2010)

Had these in 5mm, and now I am at 34mm, so its a long time ago. But I remember they were really cool looking, the Glowing was really awsome looking

By Anonymous

taper (10 September 2009)

Got one in 8mm and one in 10mm. They don't weigh your ear down, and it went through easily. Glows nicely. Quite long, so the stretching is more gradual - less painful.

By Anonymous

Very Impressed (24 July 2009)

These are great!

They glow loads and I'm definitely gonna buy a pair of the flesh plugs when my ears heal! :)

A fabulous product! Cheers

By Anonymous

fantastic (16 July 2009)

this glow in the dark taper is great on a night out, either in a club or just out for dinner, great way to draw attention to your stretch. length is a little too long but other than that, great product.

By Anonymous

Awsome product (23 November 2008)

their great at clubs and even better when theirs drunk people =P.

their relitivly light but weigh down at the point and the o-rings can lose
their elsticity after a while as they all do.

overal this is a great product to use when streaching to

By Anonymous

Glow in the dark = Win (10 September 2008)

I Like this product purely for the fact that it is glow in the dark.
its not so difficult to stretch with but it does sort of hang down a bit because of the length.
Nice product though, glow in the dark o rings make it look even better at a rave (Y)

By Anonymous

glowing! (29 August 2008)

got these in 8mm..
i used these to stretch and they were much easier than spirals..

they also look fantastic in clubs where they glow in the dark :D

By Anonymous

Thumbs up :D (16 June 2008)

I bought one in 10mm. I've never used one of these to strecth before, i usually use tusks or whatnot but these are soo much eaiser!

I also found the O rings a little loose. i think its just the material used though as it was the same for the matching plugs.

maybe the lovely people at bodyjewelleryshop might consider using a size smaller?

(he he im planning to go up to a 12, and would love to buy these for that :D )

By Anonymous

glow in the dark (26 May 2008)

does what it says, good product, looks cool in the dark :)

By Anonymous

yeah (18 April 2008)

I have these in 6mm, they're great for stretching and look cool as jewellery after.

My o-rings keep coming off tho. I switched the 6mm ones provided for some 5mm ones I had which fit on much better. Which is kinda odd.
But thee tapers look amazing and they glow really well, so a bit of o-ring issues isn't gonna stop me from buying them again, especially as everything is so cheap!

By Anonymous

looks good (24 March 2008)

these look really good, when you go clubbing to places with UV light you definitely stand out. I had loads of compliments when I was wearing this/

By Anonymous

Stretching Taper (16 February 2008)

The o-rings got lost on my 5mm one so I had to buy spares.
Its annoying to sleep on as the end sticks backwards and its not that comfortable.
I prefer the tusks or the spirals- much easier to use!

By Anonymous

.. (15 January 2008)

these lok nice
and really comfortable

By Anonymous

excellent (09 January 2008)

i bought a 5 mm, 6 mm an 8mm, they look great they feel ( especially for stretching) great and there cheap what more could be said !! would definatley recomend to anyone who wants to stretch

By Anonymous

good buy (13 October 2007)

I bought these in 3 4 and 5 mil so i could start stretching
what can i say?they do the job ajnd theyr much cheaper than my local piercers, plus theyr pretty funky at night time!
a good buy if you want to start stretching your ears cheaply

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