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By Anonymous

taper (03 January 2008)

These tapers look great, especially when they light up in the dark, really good to stretch with as well, would recommend

By Anonymous

just bouht it (30 December 2007)

can not wait for it to arrive!!!

i have short hair so they would make me stand out like a even more sorer thumb!!!(im a girl btw )
i am amazed buy how cheap they are too fantastic


By Anonymous

Slightly dissappointing (11 December 2007)

This taper definitely looks good. I have the blue version and i'm very pleased with it; it wears comfortably and looks great. However i don't find it glows as much as i'd hoped. The other reviews seem to say otherwise though, so maybe i'm just not leaving mine out in the light enough . . . I do have long hair =\
Definitely worth buying, due to it's comfortable stretching.

By Anonymous

GlOW! (01 December 2007)

Really glows in the dark. great way to show off your stretched piercings. Great in larger sizes aswell!

By Anonymous

glowyyy (15 November 2007)

i bought these in 5mm and they were fantastic! ive tried all different ways to stretch up but these were one of the best! pain free, fun AND BOY DO THEY GLOW!!!

By Anonymous

wwooooo (14 May 2007)

i've got the blue on n yup... it actually glows int the dark, wicked with the glow in the dark o-rings as well to make it extra glowy, i imagine the green spike would be a lil brighter tho but this ones good all the same

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