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EWWWW (16 March 2012)

Why do everyone says that stretching with a stretching taper hurts less? I'm passing from 6 to 8mm right now and it FREAKING HURTS, like my ear is kinda red/purple and there's still 2cm left to enter in my ear... it's the first time I use a stretching taper. I had a lot of spirals before because i found them easier to insert...

Whatever, i must say that yes, these stretching tapers are nice... (:
This blue is cute and, in the dark, they're glowing well.. and even more when you put them on the edge of a window for a day or two before putting them in.. (:

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Very Easy Fit! (26 July 2010)

Bought this taper because i bought the 5mm by accident, Took a shower to soften up the skin and this went through SO well! Its a must buy for stretching! And looks cool too!

By Anonymous

amazing!! (27 April 2010)

this is perfect for people stretching their ears for the first time and people who like glow in the dark stretchers lol! i luv them

By Anonymous

Great for DIY (13 April 2010)

This is perfect for people who want to start stretching their ears. It's very easy to use and virtually painless. I would recommend this to anyone :) The colour is great fun too.

By Anonymous

:) (14 March 2010)

It's good if your just starting out stretching, really light and can't really feel it.

By Anonymous

Cool!!! (24 February 2010)

The color is great, it's lightweight and does the job. Excellent. And it glows in the dark! Stretching is so easy with taper and really painless.

By Anonymous

Decent buy! (01 December 2009)

It's good. Simple, nothing flash.. But gets the job done!

By Anonymous

Glow (03 November 2009)

Great product, would defiantly recommend to others. Glows amazingly under UV light and normal light.

By Anonymous

Very good but..... (12 September 2009)

i love the glow in the dark, postage was quick and no problems with the product except, i ordered a 4mm, but when compared to 4mm, in a shop... it was actually a 5mm... no wonder my ear split :), other than that, very good product, and i have just ordered my 8mm from here :)

By Anonymous

yeah! (01 September 2009)

I bought one in order to help me to strech and it's very helpfull, im happy i ordered it. !

By Anonymous

Glow in the Dark Stretching Taper - Blue (15 August 2009)

this product is great i would say yes to any one asking weather to buy it, i dont think it is to long and it is very comfortable to sleep with it in and it really does GLOW IN THE DARK
if you are thing about buying one any size or colour, JUST BUY IT!!!

By Anonymous

stretchhhh! (20 July 2009)

Look awesome, and great for stretching up. A little bit long, and not the best to sleep in, but if you already have a tunnel in the size you're stretching to these are perfect!

By Anonymous

lovelovelove these! (06 February 2009)

These are a definate buy! for £2.50 you will definately standout xP So easy to get in and sit really comfortably. Look amasing in the dark aswell, you just cant go wrong :)

By Anonymous

My stretching tool (29 January 2009)

I used this one to stretch my ears. Its only like £2.50 and do the same job as any stretching pins.

Real good value=)

By Anonymous

Perfect! (16 January 2009)

Look awesome, feel great and glow in the dark! For £2.50 a piece you can't go wrong, a great buy

By Anonymous

Stretching Tapers - Top notch (04 January 2009)

These tapers are ideal for stretching your ears. They're good in size and make stretching that little bit easier. They look fantastic and draw plenty attention. The fact they're glow in the dark makes them even better! Recomended for anyone wanting to stretch their ears, and look awesome too!

By Anonymous

cool (27 November 2008)

really cool product easy to put in and comfortable to wear but not to sleep in. great for parties/clubs when you want to stand out.
very good price aswell

By Anonymous

Top buy (20 November 2008)

Bought this as my first self stretch and it was great, for £2.50 ya cant go wrong. It ticks all the right box's its big stands out and glows in the dark :D...what more could ya ask for?

By Anonymous

wow (16 November 2008)

i also bought a 3mm one of these it was very easy to use and i had it though in no time and it looks awsome in the dark!! i couldent stop looking at it :)

By Anonymous

great (05 November 2008)

i bought a 3mm one of these there so easy and simple to use so i bought a 4mm there ace top marks

By Anonymous

rave on (03 October 2008)

these are great tapers, my fav on here. they do the job that you want but still look great. i can put my house on it that every party you go to with these on someone will ask where you got them from. great product for a tiny price, a must have

By Anonymous

glow in the dark taper (21 September 2008)

i got this in a 10mm an it looks massive when its in, which is always good :). it is a really good fit so it doesnt slip which is good coz i found the O rings to b a bit on the big side.

it is well cool when you see it glow in the dark for the first time. i luv mine so much i got one for my mate (he luvs it to).

By Anonymous

A rave in your ear (01 September 2008)

Got a 5mm one. great for a tiny £2.50. To really get your taper glowing shine a high power torch on it for a bit or put it in the mircowave for 6 seconds (BUT SERIOUSLY no longer than this you don't want it to melt!) but overall a great taper for a small price. Oh and if your buying this buy one or two spare "O" rings as the ones supplied do fall off every now and again.

By Anonymous

Fast Delivery (14 July 2008)

This was a speedy delivery. And they look amazing. I would suggest to BJS to get glow in the dark tusks. I would love that!
These look great.. they are rather long, but do not stab you XD
looks amazing in the dark
Thumbs up review!

By Anonymous

Great product! (11 June 2008)

I bought this to do my second stretching. At first it was a bit hard to put in and I had to use a smaller o-rings. But after a little time I was really surprised how easy the stretching was going on! I had lots of fun with this and it really glows in the dark (and so do the o-rings)!! =D.

By Anonymous

lube it up... (24 May 2008)

...brilliant product but for god sake lube it up. I ran out of stuff to thought i'd just do mine in the shower, thought the water would suffice...i was only got half the way through left it got some lube did the best i could to cover it and hey presto now my stretch glows in the dark

By Anonymous

Brilliant (24 April 2008)

These are really nice. I used these today for my third stretch (thanks BJS for the speedy delivery!).

I haven't been in the light long enough to 'charge' these, so they can glow well, but I'm liking them in my ears so far.
I haven't used Tapers before, so I noticed that they're a bit long, so they tend to touch my neck when I turn my head to either side. Takes a while to get used to.

Also, don't let the picture reference fool you, mine came with the glow in the dark light O-Rings :D Which was really nice.

I did find these a 'bit' harder to stretch than Crescents, though that's mainly due to the length (had to lube it up a bit more).

By Anonymous

decent (08 April 2008)

these tapers are great, used them at 6mm and far better than the steel alternatives i used to get from 6mm to 8mm.

light and pretty much painless to stretch with, rather than something heavy and clunky that weighs your ear down.

By Anonymous

=] (01 April 2008)

I bought this and I love it. It's simple and easy to stretch with.

By Anonymous

Glow in the Dark Strtching Taper (07 March 2008)

These tapers are great (especially if your caught in a blackout). Draw attention to your ears even with the lights out. Available in great colours so you can show off your babies 24/7! A definate thumbs up!

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