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By from kent

nicee (30 June 2011)

these look so great and comfortable to wear, and glow so nicely in the dark. deffo recomend!

By from london

glow (01 February 2011)

Great glow balls :)

By from London

Glow (11 August 2010)

Great Glow Ball - Expected Bar To Glow Too, But Its Invisable In The Dark :\

By Anonymous

LOVE IT (15 July 2010)

Brilliant! So comfy and glow great

By Anonymous

Glow in the dark Barbell - blue (14 July 2010)

Looks soo good in the dark some thing that are glow in the dark dont glow well but this sure does this it bright in the dark and a very good price!

By Anonymous

blue (02 July 2010)

This looks amazing in the dark, and looks a lot better in black light

By Anonymous

wicked bar (23 June 2010)

my girlfriend got this in her tongue and its awsome after its been in the daylight for an hour or 2 when she puts it in and opens her mouth it glows orite but when under a blacklight it looks like her mouth is having a party due to the bar lighting the whole mouth up its a wicked product and a must have for all the ravers out there with there tongue done

By Anonymous

Stellar! (25 May 2009)

This looks amazing in the dark, even better in black light! Shows up AWESOME in pictures.

All around great, comfortable product!

By Anonymous

:O (09 March 2009)

very attractive looking in clubs i must say

By Anonymous

blue?? (04 February 2009)

great barbell 4 my tongue, looks fab!!

although it doesnt look as 'blue' as in the pic,
its kinda lyk a pale baby blue, and the bar is sort of clear.

i have bought nearly all the colours!!

By Anonymous

bright (02 February 2009)

looks really good and looks amazing in the dark
well worth buying

By Anonymous

excellent (28 November 2008)

excellent product great price easy to get in and out looks really cool on nights out

By Anonymous

stands out (27 November 2008)

a great product. really stands out in dark places e.g. clubs. great price aswell

By Anonymous

Fun and Unique! (24 March 2008)

This looks fantastic in my tongue, and it is definately something that will make your piercing stand out from the rest!
a must have for all ravers, party animals or night owls!

By Anonymous

glow in the dark (10 March 2008)

really cheap and show up well in the dark

By Anonymous

Review for Glow in the Dark Barbell (06 February 2008)

Bought this for my cartalidge peircing as i found it hard to get other bars though. Very easy to put through and really comfortable.
Looks great and all for a low price!!
Great product!

By Anonymous

AMAZING (25 January 2008)

This barbell is awesome! I love it! All my friends wanted it when they saw mine :) Buy it! you wont be disappointed!

By Anonymous

go glow!! (29 November 2007)

ok- can i just say- these are amazing!!!!
not only do they look good already- they also glow in the dark- how funkyfied!!
they are really comfortable to wear and look great and are just an overall great product- get yours now!!!!

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