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By from texas

these contacts are the bomb!! (21 January 2011)

i first tried them on after school right before my mom got home and lemme tell ya she was soo amazed at how awesome they are!! they fit perfectly, i can see through them fine!! i will definetly be ordering more and posting a pic soon!! thank you sooo much BJS!!

By from Oxford, UK

Best Lenses I've Ordered Yet! (28 October 2010)

I literally recieved the contacts the day after ordering them. They are so much more comfortable to wear than other brands I've bought in the past, and the effect is perfect!
Little tip though, if you're going to be wearing them for a good few hours straight, carry a mini bottle of eye-drop solution to put in your bag just in case your eyes feel a little dry.
These contacts are a perfect purchase, and I will definately be ordering some again from this site.

By from Illinois

Bad ass (25 October 2010)

I have ordered from this company numerous times and have yet to be disappointed. I haven't found a site yet that has better prices, quality, or quickness of delivery. I was very impressed with the quality of the contacts and have gotten several compliments. I will definetly order more in the future.

By from Georgia

I loved them!! (19 October 2010)

I just got this single whiteout manson contact. It's very comfortable and fits my eye perfectly. I love it.

By from Lancashire

A MANSON SURPRISE (15 October 2010)

Hi all,

I bought some of these contacts a few days ago for the purpose of the 1 and only 'Halloween'.

The transaction went through very easily and I felt safe and secure using the site. I received my contacts very quickly and I was very happy with how the items was stored (in there own lil' pots in a safe solution).

I haven't worn my contacts yet but I feel confident as the 'Body Jewellery Shop' has included easy to understand instructions.

I look forward to it and hope this review has helped anyone bying these contacts!

By from Brasil

Funky Eyes Manson Whiteouts (25 September 2010)

The price is smaller than any other in my country, and the quality is best then the others we have here. I will buy more in the future.

By Anonymous

Better than plain white (01 April 2010)

The overall effect of this lens is much better than the plain white one. It is better photographically as well as more striking for wearing out. The white doesn't cover colour too well, but with the black ring around it, it is hard to differentiate between the white of the lens and the white of your eye, whereas with the plain white ones, there is a noticeable difference in colour.
Well recommended.

By Anonymous

snookie (08 January 2010)

peee peee in my mouth please

By Anonymous

Manson Whiteouts (25 October 2009)

A great price. Been searching for a company i could get my funky eyes for cheap price. Will be buying lots more of the wild eyes. Also since I am in the USA. Took 2 weeks to get them. I am happy. Hope to buy more soon!!

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