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By Anonymous

Perfect! (18 January 2017)

Fantastic! Cheap, fairly easy to insert, and goes completely unnoticed! Absolutely love it and would recommend.

By from London

Great Product! (06 January 2017)

I wear this to school everyday, and I've been doing this for nearly 6 months now! It fits really well, I can't even feel it, and It's really good quality, bendy and easy to insert and remove - it also doesn't fall out at night. One thing I'd say that disappoints me is that it doesn't come in darker skin tones whichever really upsets me.

By from USA

Very tiny (07 October 2016)

Super teeny tiny! This will do a good job at hiding your piercing. I personally can't wear this right now because my piercing is swollen (need to go see the dermatologist) and the teeny ball was actually sinking into the hole. Hopefully once it heals I can use this because it's exactly what I wanted. FYI screw nose rings are -really- difficult to put in. If you're not a pro at changing them, get an L shape or bar.

By from London

Best discovery ever (18 June 2016)

Despite having multiple piercings (eyebrow, nose, nipple, ears) I always find changing my nose ring a bit tricky, especially if putting a stud in (even though I've had it for four or five years), so i was worried when my work said that i had to take out my nose piercing, thinking that constantly changing it for a retainer would irritate it, be painful, and take a lot of effort.

I neednt have worried, this retainer is hands down the best thing. Unlike a lot of 'curved' or 'hook' nose studs It's so so easy to take in and out, meaning I can easily switch my regular ring back in in a minute or two (rather than faffing for twenty minutes to find the hole and my piercing swelling up).

The hook is quite long, but I find it fits comfortably up inside my nose. If I ordered again perhaps I would get the clear one, rather than this fleshtone one, as I think the colour doesnt quite match my pale skin tone (so sometimes I feel like it looks like a teeny spot) but it is so, so small that it really doesn't matter, and only I really notice it.

Would recommend 100%, i wont shop anywhere else for body jewellery now!

By from New York

Awesome (28 November 2015)

Hands down the best retainer I've found. I got my nose pierced in high school and then joined the military. Now, six years later I can still wear nose jewelry when not in uniform because this retainer was literally undetectable, even during hardcore inspections!

By from UK

Fantastic (08 May 2015)

I work in a shop where you are not allowed any sort of facial jewellery, you aren't even allowed to wear retainers. For the first two weeks after I got the piercing, I used a tiny section of a clear plaster and covered that with make up, but then changed my stud to this retainer and assured everything was properly cleaned. I've had absolutely no problems with it, and even better my work haven't noticed a THING. The retainer blends so well into my skin that even when I AM showing someone that it's there, they still don't see it until they look really closely. Couldn't recommend this enough to hide a nose piercing. Works SO well. I have found that sometimes it stings a bit to get it in, because there is some twisting involved, but after its in, you don't feel it or notice it is there after a few minutes.

By from Illinois

Love it! (29 March 2015)

I bought this years ago when I first got my nose pierced. 4 years later and it's still being used! I work in a school so facial piercings aren't really accepted. This makes it basically invisible. The only downside, for me, is that the "screw" part was a little uncomfortable because it would poke into the side of my nose, but that was fixed by just cutting it shorter. If you need to hide your piercing, this is the product to buy.

By from Nottingham

Fab! (06 February 2015)

I ordered this retainer because my employers would not be happy if I wore a visible nose piercing at work and I want to be able to wear something noticeable in free time. I received it the very next day and am thrilled with it! Fantastic item and brilliant customer service - thank you :)

By from Lincoln

great for healed piercing (23 January 2015)

Great product and hardly visible, the only negative is that the post is abit short for new piercings (due to swelling) but apart from that its brilliant.


Excellent (14 October 2014)

Was slightly dubious buying this but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. Worn this for job interviews and work without any bother, and my mum thought I'd actually taken my nose ring out! Additionally, I ordered this on a Friday morning and it had arrived within 24 hours, and you can't argue with it being so cheap!

By Anonymous

Wonderful! (07 October 2014)

This is such a great retainer. I was hesitant to buy it since a lot of times retainers are still visible, but you honestly cannot see this one unless you're directly staring at my nose, and it's still such a small dot. It goes pretty well with my skin tone, and when I cover it up with a bit of foundation makeup it's practically invisible. You can't go wrong with purchasing this, especially for such a low price.


Incredible! (28 July 2014)

I'm so pleased with this product! I work as a male nurse so this was great as it is invisible and allows me to switch my look on my days off.

By from USA

Amazing (21 December 2012)

This literally makes my nose piercing invisible!


Yay! (15 September 2012)

Needing cutting down a bit because the screw was so long it stuck out my nose but this item is fab! Hidden piercing for work thank you very much, A* item!

By from West midlands

Too small (30 July 2012)

I wouldn't recommend this for new piercings, as the tip is so small it kept being taken into my nose and then my nose would weep and try to heal over it. I would use it when it's fully healed though, it's invisible, brilliant.

By from Ohio

I love it! (17 April 2012)

I was leary of buying this retainer since I already bought a clear one from a piercing shop and you could still see it. But I decided to take a chance since my workplace doesn't allow facial piercings. It is completely invisible. I can barely notice it's there! Very cool. I would buy from this site again. :)

By from Ireland

Invisible (22 January 2012)

Purchased this retainer for my nostril about 2weeks ago. Had intially during the healing process been using a glass retainer but it was still noticible and looked like a blackhead or a hole in my nose. My employer has a strict no facial piercing policy so i wanted something more discreet but that blended in with my skintone. I was never so happy when this arrived in the post when i popped in it it was totally seamless with my nose and even i had to stick my face up to the mirror to see it. I will definatly be investing in backups as i plan to get another nostril piercing soon . Comfort level is 10/10 no irritation whatsoever and i dont even know its there. Its easy to insert and remove but snug in my nose. I recommend it to anybody who needs to hide their piercing for work or school or parents lol

By from Oshkosh, WI, USA

Love it! (21 June 2011)

I just got mine and put it in. It is nearly invisible unless you really look closely. (Closer than anyone should get in my personal space.) So comfortable too. It was easy to insert and ultra comfortable. I don't notice it at all!

By from Yorkshire

YAY! (24 May 2011)

Arrived within 2 days of ordering! Brilliant service!
Tiny and perfect to hide the piercing!!!

By from US

Awesome! (05 April 2011)

I have 3 jobs, and one of them doesn't allow facial piercings. But I refused to let that control me getting my nose pierced. So I ordered this right after I got it done. It's perfect! You can't see it at ALL. It was a little hard to figure out how to get it in, but that's probably because I had never changed the stud before. It's very comfortable once in. I'd suggest this to anyone who needed to hide their nostril piercing.

By from Delaware, USA

Does the job (08 March 2011)

Comfortable, affordable, and hides my nostril piercing well - it seriously makes the piercing disappear. Handy for hiding the piercing at work.


Would buy it again!!! (28 February 2011)

This was the first time I have ordered from this site and it was nice to find what I was looking for. I started my placements in an hospital where I wasn`t able to use my normal nose piercing and they advise me to buy a "plastic" one ( the only one accepted there actually) so I was really glad when I found this Bioflex nose retainer here. It was just PERFECT! Nobody can see it, so problem solved! I was also very impressed with how fast it arrived and the quality of the product. If you are think about buying something from this website, go for it! Defo recommended! A++++

By from usa

Great Solution (09 February 2011)

I work in a professional office so I needed something almost invisible. This product was the answer. My wife said that she wouldn't have known that my nose was pierced if she didn't already know. It has been almost a week and the piercing is heeling great with regular sea salt and antibacterial soap soakings. I have wanted to pierce my nose for years and now I have finally succeeded!


Brilliant Buy (: (29 November 2010)

Got my nose pierced and all my school teachers had a problem with it. They Told me to take it out or i wasn't allowed i bought one of these :D and no one has noticed it since... it just blends in and its not even noticable. I'd really recomend it if your trying to hide a piercing.

By from London

I LOVE IT (12 November 2010)

great buy, I wear it at school all the time and no longer get any hassle from teachers! blends in so well I even forget I have it in. I highly recommend it!

By from UK

Bioflex nose stud (16 October 2010)

Bought this nose stud so that I no longer have to remove my piercing for work. The stud really is ultra discreet and I should have no problem wearing it on a daily basis! The tip is really small and blends into the skin brilliantly. Highly recommended!

By from Weston-super-Mare

Glad I Bought It. (29 July 2010)

I had been thinking about having my nose pirced for some time but being a non-active certified body piercer I knew right off I didnt want any metal jewellary and so I bought this as I didnt want it noticed while it was healing and I wanted to make sure I had the best healing enviroment for the piercing as possible, this is soo comfortable that i forget its there, I tried a metal stud but found I could activly FEEL the stud but with this item I can't. I highly recommend it.

By Anonymous

i love this (05 July 2010)

This is perfect for my nose. the tip is smaller than the push fit piece, and so comfortable because it bends! i can finally scratch my nose without cutting it on the inside. when i put it in no one can see it at all. before this, i had a $20 dollar quartz retainer that didnt hide it half as well as this does. I also ended up dropping the clear one, never to find it again despite an hour of searching the immediate area, and ive dropped this one a million times but i can always find it again because its not clear. it was a little long on the inside but i just cut it with scissors, problem solved. imo this is vastly superior to any other nostril retainer in existence.

By Anonymous

Love it! (29 June 2010)

I absolutely love the bioplast. I can't wear my nose ring at work so I got these because other spacer i've bought was getting stained and very noticeable. However, the fleshtone tip is too light for my skin and makes it noticeable. I popped the tip off and no one notices the piercing! I also love the fact that I can put in different types of push-ins and not have to change the screw. Over all I love it!

By Anonymous

Great :) (09 June 2010)

This was the best £2.45 i ever spent. I used to wear a clear one for school, and i was sure that you could see it so i bought this one and its perfect and mine is literally invisible so im not worried that people can see ive got a nose stud in.
Its really comfortable to wear and it also keeps the hole of the piercing really well so that i can easily put in rings or thicker studs when i want to :)

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