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By Anonymous

Amazing (15 July 2010)

This product does exactly what you need it to, hold in place! I've had many sets of false eyelashes but I must say these are the best by far. I am very impressed with the glue sent, and they fit well to my eyes. A must buy.

By Anonymous

Amazing (18 October 2009)

These made my eyes look so pretty, i love the glue that is sent with them, very impressed!

By Anonymous

Great! (12 September 2009)

These lashes are really pretty! They look real! Bit fiddly though but worth the trouble. Great price too.

By Anonymous

<3 (15 June 2009)

Great product for the classic girl, looks natural but very glamourous!

By Anonymous

Beautiful! (14 May 2008)

I agree, they look soo realistic and pretty you can hardly tell they're fake! Long lucious eyelashes!!

By Anonymous

Great product! (17 March 2008)

This product has an easy application which is always a plus, also the main reason this product is the excellent product is, that when you apply the false eyelashes, they stay put.They're not flapping around and causing you the embarassment all night. Great, realistic look definitely worth the money.

By Anonymous

sweet! (19 February 2008)

these are really easy to apply, really fun to wear, and super sweet!
i totally recommend this brand as it is so much better than many others.
thanks bjs :D

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