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By from USA: Arizona

Different (10 May 2012)

Most of the kids at my school have gauges, so I decided that I wanted to see how they looked on me. After endless searching, I figured out that I could just wear these and see the same results. I love them! They look amazing and very detailed, and my mother freaked out because she thought one of my friends actually gauged my ears! I ordered another pair, so I will be able to wear one with more than just blue things. I can't wait until I can order the black ones though, they look stunning!


AMAZING (05 April 2011)

these are brilliant and i highly recommend to other people, they clearly show and its hard to not notice them, (bad if your in school and you get told to take it out) i told my friend about them and hes going to get one, i love them so much although the pin is really small, but you can still get them in quite easily,

By Anonymous

great (12 October 2010)

this is really cool, i got the blue one, it looks amazing, and you cant tell its fake. Therefore its wonderful, same effect, without the need to streach :))

By from Southampton

TOP PRODUCT (22 August 2010)

Love this strecher i where it everywhere iv got the back blue and red ones and the colours look superb!!!Been after the purple one but its NEVER in stock when i look but i just ordered it after months of waiting :) whoooo!!
-Delivery Time Is Fast and Product Packaged Well.
-Product Is Durable and Not Easily Broken.
-Colours Look Amazing Everyone Asks Where I Get Them.
-Cant Tell They Are Fake!!!!!!

By Anonymous

real looking (15 June 2010)

bought this after my friend fooled me with one, and managed to fool all my friends. have now stretched to 4mm, but i used this to get used to the feel of having a taper in.

By Anonymous

:D (07 February 2010)

I really dont want to stretch my ears but I like the looks of a good taper. These are perfect for that and a good price!!

Very happy!!!

By Anonymous

Cheat! (06 February 2010)

I love how i can cheat with these! my friends all think i'm stretching my ear but i just prefer the look :) definetly worth it

By Anonymous

Awesome tapers (22 January 2010)

I wore them for a year before I streached my ears and they are AMAZING. No one even knew that my ears werent streatched. So if you're trying to see if they look good on you, or you just wanna look cool. I'd buy these :]

By Anonymous

Tryout Terrific (15 June 2009)

These Fake Tapers are great for testing out whether a stretcher would look good on you and it will even help you to familiarize yourself with having it in our lobe as if could be quite annoying. Good quality product and easily cleaned. A good buy for that wanna-be body modifier!

By Anonymous

Great if your not sure (15 March 2009)

Ive always wanted to stretch my ear but wasnt sure if it would look any good on me, so i got my ear pierced, got one of these and as soon as i could start stretching my ear, i did. Great if you want to know what having stretched ears is going to look like.

By Anonymous

wicked !! (14 February 2009)

luvin this plug so nice luv the colour will buy more

By Anonymous

real good (05 February 2009)

these are so good i walked into school the day and everyone though that it was real total recomend them if you arnt sure about streching you ear

By Anonymous

Awesome (04 February 2009)

This product is amazing!!! I had loads of people coming up to me and asking if they were real. I was worried that i would look a bit to pretensious if i wore them but they did look really good. Postage was very quick! The only problem was that the bar that you put through your ear, could be quite short for people to put through there lobe. But apart from that awesome :)

By Anonymous

realistic (07 November 2008)

these are great, they look really real, are comfy, and if you're thinking of stretching your ear but don't know whther it'll suit you, buy these first. can't recommend them enough!

great colours too :)

By Anonymous

Amazing! (19 September 2008)

I love this, i've just ordered another, i would defo recomend.
I wanted to see how it'd look, and i think it's amazing, great colours =D

By Anonymous

LOVE!!! (27 August 2008)

i love this !!! it so vibrant and comfy!! i doesnt sit how i expected but i think it great...definatly worth it...

By Anonymous

LOVIN' IT!!! (17 May 2008)


I wanted 2 get a real 1 but i wasnt 2 sure if id suit it so i got 1 of these 2 see wat it looked like! and WOW!!!

i arrived the nxt day which was great,
The colours amazin,
Its sooo comfy 2 wear
AND it looks great!!!

cheers! xD

By Anonymous

the red colour=awsome!! (08 February 2008)

it looks totally great!!

and real people come up to me and ask if they are real so they do work!!

By Anonymous

(behalf of ma friend lissi) (17 January 2008)

she said "wow"

i love em it looks good feels great and is light wieght !!! plus the o-rings come off so i would be able to buy a star shaped o-ring to pt on them!!

the colours are so standy outy

By Anonymous

Flesh Tapers (02 October 2007)

Hey, I just wanted to say how good and realistic these are, many of my friends are currently tapering there ears and I wanted the same effect minus the commitment and these were just the job!

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