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By from London

Great buy (21 September 2011)

Every1 always asks me where I got this from. I think I've singlehandedly contributed to its sales :op . I wear mine everyday, which is a great buy as it doesnt cost that much! x

By from Australia

Amazing! (31 July 2011)

I love this product aswell as everything else i've purchased other items off the site and i love them!

by far my favourite website i love having the fake tapers and plugs they are by far my favourite!

deffinately would recommend this to everyone though!
Durable and Looks real for a great price and quick shipment,

thanks BJS!

By Anonymous

Convincing! (16 March 2009)

This is a fantastic bargain, i have been asked many times how long it took me to stretch my ear... the reply was 2 minutes to join this website! A must have!

By Anonymous

luv it (14 February 2009)

i just luv it me and all my mates have got um now :p

By Anonymous

Amazing! (22 October 2007)

This piece of jewellery looks amazing!

It is perfect if you want to see what your ear lobe would be like if it really was stretched.

Everybody must own this piece!

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