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By from Wales

So realistic! (23 October 2010)

.... looking just like the real thing (but my ear lobes can remain 'normal')! I can wear these for ages,no allergy problems, comfortable, easy to clean and they stay looking shiney and bright, great stuff!

By Anonymous

Awesome! (23 June 2010)

Got the 3mm one in my second lobe piercings and everyone is always asking me if they are real or not, brilliant for if you don't want to actually stretch the holes

By Anonymous

Very Pro Like! (05 April 2010)

I ordered a few of these fake plugs and all look very convincing! I have to clean mine often, as they're tight fitting. Not sure if im the only one but I would recommend for looks and price!

By Anonymous

Sweeeeet! (08 February 2010)

Loved these, planning on buying some more! Haven't had them long, but I have learned two things so far - do NOT fiddle with the backs, especially with the tiny one, and I am not allergic to these!
This is great, as I find my ears can flare up within a night of wearing earrings with nickel in them! Yet a week later there has been no reaction!
Look great, though will have to buy another small one, due to fiddling with them! But would definitely recommend them :3

By Anonymous

Dude! Is that real? (09 December 2009)

awesome piece of jewellery! wearing it right now. i bough the 8mm one and it feels so good and comfortable, no irritation what so ever. really simple looking and most of al really real looking, always being asked if its a real plug. a definate must have!

By Anonymous

Holiday must have (15 September 2008)

This must be the item I used most on my holiday!

It's a great way to stay noticed on the beach if you're too squeamish (or have not left enough time like me) to stretch your lobes properly.

I'll be buying a whole range for next year!

By Anonymous

Stretch the easy way. :) (31 August 2008)

Well, I have had my ears stretched, but had to heal them up due to work. I miss my stretched lobes though, so I bought these in 8 mm. - Ahh the memories. I love them! Look so real too!

By Anonymous

=] (06 August 2008)

too scared to actually stretch my ear again.. a smine split.

love them, there just like the real thing,

deffinately worth the money

By Anonymous

- (02 July 2008)

Had these when i first pierced my ears, they look amazing, just like the real thing!

By Anonymous

Best ever!! (25 June 2008)

These fake plugs is the best fakes ever! They look just like real plugs!!
10 for sure

By Anonymous

Okay. (19 June 2008)

These are good, and they certainly look fantastic. I personally found the size I orderded was too small because I wasn't familiar with the sizing, and the picture doesn't do justice. But nevertheless, the product is still very attractive.

By Anonymous

hhaha (02 June 2008)

right heres a story, friend of mine, whos a big guy, tryed to stretch his ears
got to about 8 and then his dad went nutzzz

so he decided to get some of these when they healed back up,
he had us all fooled until oneday
he didnt put thme in and there was no hole

so yeah
these are pretty gooood

still a bit silly though, might as well just stretch yr ear and not look a idiot ish

By Anonymous

woow (26 April 2008)

I just got this product to day and I have to admit its amazing, looks real, feels light to me, worth the price.

By Anonymous

good (15 April 2008)

Just like all the other reviewers here, I totally agree that it's well worth the money. At first it was slightly heavy but i'm getting used to it now and it's really quite comfortable.

By Anonymous

Fake flesh plugs - great buy! (25 January 2008)

I bought some of these fake plugs last year and they are absolutely fantastic!

I like the look of flesh plugs but I don't really want to have the permanently stretched hole so these were just what I needed.

The plugs are easy to fit and look just like the real thing. Not one person said to me "those aren't real!", even at a festival! So that gave them the required seal of approval!

I found them easy to wear, comfortable, reasonbly easy to clean (if you take the bands off and clean round everything with a baby wipe or sterile wipe and reassemble).

I absolutely love these things and I intend to get quite a few more!

By Anonymous

fake plug! (10 January 2008)

very very good product. i bought one to see if i really wanted to go ahead and stretch my ear.

look very relistic. very easy to remove.

hard to clean

but over all a great product

worth buying if you want a stretched lobe but dont want to actually go throught with it!

By Anonymous

Good Buy (11 December 2007)

I got this a while ago and i wear it all the time, it looks great and you wouldn't know that it was fake when you have it in. All my friends thought i had really streached my ear. Well worth the £3

By Anonymous

Great (01 December 2007)

Look soo real. Everyone thaught they were!

By Anonymous

Fab! (22 November 2007)

i was curious as to if these would look any good, but took the chance anyway. and i am stunned! they look so good. you cant tell the difference between these and real stretchies, except that there is no look of pain on my face whenever they get knocked!! my friends thought it was a miracle when i turned up one day with 8 mm stretchies!! no one could understand how i had gone 8 mm in one day. brill product if you cant face the prospect of stretched ear lobes for ever, but like the look!

By Anonymous

Fake??? (02 October 2007)

I ordered this a couple of days ago and love it, it looks great! The only way you'd be able to tell it was fake is if you took it off! It's great! Well worth buying!!!!

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