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By Anonymous

Reccomended (02 June 2010)

I have this in red, and I love it! Everyone seems to compliment it, because I've never seen red mascara before! You do need a couple of coats for it to be really striking, but I just love how it looks combined with black eyeshadow. Love it.

By Anonymous

Very nice (18 October 2009)

I have the pink and was very impressed. Goes very well with false eyelashes!!!

By Anonymous

Bright! (09 October 2009)

After having bought bright coloured previously, I wasn't expecting too much from these. I was pleasantly surprised however when I purchased the pink! Very bright, even on my black eyelashes!

By Anonymous

Wow! (23 March 2009)

Got this in blue, turquoise and purple. The purple is not that intensive, and the turquoise is as intensive as you would want it but the color is more emerald green.. however the blue amazed me! I am used to buying blue mascaras which look so blue and great until you put them on and realize they are barely visible. You will not have this problem with this one, it is so blue that I keep being asked what it is and where I got it by random girls. I would love it if the brush was just a bit better, but it's all about the color anyway :)

By Anonymous

:] (06 July 2008)

great mascara for its price and great colours which last

By Anonymous

Good Colour and Coverage, A Bit Dry (15 October 2007)

I didn't expect much when I bought this mascara as I have black eyelashes and I've previously found blue (the only other colour mascara I have bought before) mascaras have clumped and have poor coverage. I was pleasantly surprised.

This turquoise mascara has a very good coverage, even on my black eyelashes. The colour is a little darker than shown on the lid, but I suspect this is because of my eyelash colour. You don't need to put layers and layers and layers on for the colour to show up significantly and the shape of the brush means it's not prone to clumping.

The only downside to this mascara was that I found it was quite dry. It lacked conditioning and shine so although the colour was very strong, your eyelashes look a lot drier than the slightly wet/shiny look that you get from other mascaras.

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