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By Anonymous

Nice and convinient (23 May 2016)

I had a little bump around my inner conch piercing for months, and I bought this because my bump didn't seem like getting better. I sprayed this item occasionally (not even twice a day as the instruction tells, but more like once every other day) and my bump was almost gone in a couple of weeks, and it did not hurt anymore. I used this product with a bioflex piercing, which is also supposed to help with infections and bumps. So I can't say that it was 100% this product which did the magic, but it still doesn't change the fact that this is a great product for keeping your piercings nice and clean.

The product itself isn't that much, and as the instruction states I think it will be gone in a month if you have lots of piercings and use it frequently. So it is possible to think that it is a bit pricey as you can make your own salt solution at home, but I would rather buy this because it's just so much convenient and hygienic. I order another bottle as I am planning on getting more piercings soon.

By Anonymous

Amazing (21 December 2015)

My ear reacts quite nastily with Sea Salt Solution made at home so for me this is a god send! My week old helix piercing is not painful at all and my 7 week old rook piercing is only swollen now, no pain there either. Very easy to use and keeps the piercing very clean.

By from UK

Very good product (09 November 2015)

Bought this to help heal my rook piercing that was done 2 weeks ago, I've had absolutely no issues so far with pain at a minimum and absolutely no crusties! Piercing also looks very clean, only thing showing that it is a new piercing is swelling! Would recommend to anyone.

By from Uk

Really good (03 June 2015)

Really like this, just got scaffolding piercing done, makes my ear cleaner and gets rid out of the crustieness. My ear also felt hot and the solution cooled it down!

By from london

Useful. (03 November 2012)

I just had my nipple done a few days ago and it was being a pain, I used this a few times and now it looks so much better and is a lot more comfortable. Seriously ideal and much easier than a SSS.


:D really good product (31 July 2012)

Brought this for going to Dubai for my scaffolod and new tragus piercing. Brilliant product sorted my scaffolod out as it was sore and so far had no problems with tragus. Handy little product that actually works !!

By Anonymous

Smashing. (21 January 2012)

A really good buy. May seem a little bit expensive but it is so much easier and more convenient that using a homemade salt water solution. I reccomend it.

By from West mids

Amazing! (17 June 2011)

Forget 10 stars- I give this product 100 stars.
Brought it for when I go to Egypt as I have a month old snug piercing and can't see me being able to do salt water soaks, tried it before I go and it is brilliant, piercing looks amazing after just a few days (was looking angry and red, and swollen) it really is a must buy. Just wish I found this for my other cartilage piercings to save red sore ears.

By Anonymous

So convenient! (01 July 2010)

Really easy to use and my ears now get cleaned with salt a LOT more than when I was stuck boiling the kettle :)

By Anonymous

Amazing (07 June 2010)

Easy to use, convient! i was able to take this in my handbag for nights out when i couldnt get home to clean my piercing!

By Anonymous

Good stuff (05 June 2010)

Great product, especially for maintaining finicky piercings like eyebrow, navel etc. Perfect for festivals especially when used with the other products in the range.

By Anonymous

(: (13 February 2010)

Absolutely brilliant stuff! So simple and easy to use, just spray and wipe off. No boiling the kettle :D. The rest of the set is a must buy as well. It's all so good (:

By Anonymous

Pricey but worth it (25 April 2009)

This stuff is great if you have lots of piercings or can't make proper salt soaks. It works best on ear piercings, especially cartilage piercings, as those are quite hard to clean with cotton buds and solution.

This stuff simply sprays on and then you wipe it off. It feels cooling and nice and calmed my sore tragus piercing right down.

I'd also recommend this for travel, holidays, parties and any situation where making a salt solution would be difficult! It is fairly expensive but it's not meant to be used every day (in my opinion), just if you need a bit of extra care or will be away from home.

By Anonymous

excellent (12 December 2008)

this is a must have for people who have lots of piercings. its also goo for piercing which arent healing quickly or are infected.
good price

By Anonymous

Very nice (31 August 2008)

I really like this product, im too lazy to make my own solution. Feels cooling and very good for cleaning my piercings. I use it on my, ears, lip and nose piercings.

By Anonymous

Easypiercing FTW! ^.^ (20 August 2008)

This stuff seriously rocks ^.^

Just got my scaffold pierced and it was pretty hot and swollen, this stuff cooled it right down and helps clean it really good.

Its nice to have something that can get in to all the hard to reach places too.

Definately considering buying the whole set.

Thanks guys! 10 stars.

By Anonymous

well handy! (25 May 2008)

well when you can't be bothered to wait for the kettle to boil then cool, this little can is a live saver, or a piercing saver!!! like it so much i'm buying the set!!!!!

By Anonymous

have been using for about a week (22 April 2008)

its been almost 2months since i piereced my navel and i spray this on my navel when ever it gets sort of red because i did break the "don't take out the ring before wound heals" rule. i definitely think that it speeding up by delayed healing process. thinking about buying the other two orange and green solution as well.

By Anonymous

perfect piercing healer (18 March 2008)

I'm a medic student so I'm always on rush. Using this product is perfect bcos I don't have to waste any more time make my own sea salt soak. just suirt in the piercing & i'm ready to go. Also perfect for cleaning all my piercings at the gym right after workout. First I thought this product ain't going to be more effective, but I was wrong! Glad I bought this product. Highly recommended.

By Anonymous

Cleansing on the go. (21 November 2007)

This is perfect if you can't make you're own saline solution for a while. It will keep new piercings nice and clean if you go camping ect. :)

By Anonymous

Sweet... (07 November 2007)

Used this magic juice for healing my conch and it is so nice! Just put a squirt of the piercing after you have cleaned your piercing for a really cold sensation that will keep your piercing clean and infection free!

Helps when you get the bump too.

By Anonymous

wow (05 October 2007)

when i bought this i didnt expect it to do what it says on the tin. but oh boy did it. i had my snake bites done. and they were fully healed exactly a month after, with the use of this brilliant product.

10 stars

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