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By Anonymous

Perfect for jobs! (02 June 2010)

I used this when my work told me I had to take out my eyebrow piercing. They said it looked almost invisible. I was very pleased that I was able to keep my piercing!

By Anonymous

Great for difficult piercings (21 May 2010)

It worked great for my difficult rook piercing! I had a captive bead ring in it first, then switched to a curved barbell. I still had pain from it, even 5 months after the initial piercing. I switched to this, and the piercing was pain-free within 3 days! Love it

By Anonymous

Great for work and school (23 April 2010)

I was suprised how subtle these are. I use this in my eyebrow and it is almost invisible, great for me to wear to work :)

By Anonymous

Work place approved (26 May 2009)

Agreed, employers really appreciate the subtle look of these retainers. Also they are really easy to change into, saving lots of time between shifts.

There are also tons of O ring options if you keep your eyes open.

By Anonymous

Eyebrow Retainer (10 March 2009)

These litttle things are great, quite hard to see but not un-noticable but should go down well with most employers.

I personally recommend buying several extra O-rings (that little circle on the end) because they sometimes fall out, are easily lost and I have dropped them trying to get them on, or you could get a mad colour for the Oring in hope of not losing it.

Good product =D

By Anonymous

Curved Eyebrow Retainer (03 February 2009)

This is a really cool idea. It's almost invisible unless you're really looking for it, and it keeps your eyebrow piercing from closing up. Brilliant

By Anonymous

Best idea ever! (12 November 2008)

These are a lifesaver for the workplace!! Having worked in security for 2 years wearing piercings, to suddenly be told I'd need to take them out at a different job was awful, but with these were my solution. I think 95% of employers would see these as an acceptable solution to facial piercings!!!

By Anonymous

discreet! (21 February 2008)

this retainer is perfect for eyebrow piercings!
it looks great and it's so comfortable to wear
definately recommended !

By Anonymous

good for work (24 December 2007)

i use this in my vertical labret piercing for work. Although not 'invisible' it is discreet enough to avoid being asked to take it out at work so i am happy with that.
the o ring is a bit fiddly to put on but stays put well once you get it there!
for me the length was a bit long for my piercing so i did snip a bit off the end with the scissors to make it less noticeable, so it would be nice if some shorter lengths were available. overall it does the job tho and very happy with the price

By Anonymous

supurbed for jobs (30 November 2007)

this is good professions that require no facial piercings the o- ring is a little touchy to put in how ever once in it is en-noticeable and can not be seen not to mention it is very comfy it's also good for the old people who hate facial piercings and think that they are hideous.

By Anonymous

discreet and comfy (31 October 2007)

Very useful, i find i have to take my piercings out for performances in my uni course and these are perfect. The only problem is the o-ring is rather fiddly to attach, but once wearing, un-noticable and very comfy.

By Anonymous

Great for Interviews (08 October 2007)

I brought this especially for an interview and for work, I was told it dont really hide your piercing but to be honest i was really impressed with it... i barely noticed it was there, Had it in for almost a week as it is so discreet.

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