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By from UK

SO comfy, I love them (16 August 2013)

They just came in the post today, they are so comfy, slide straight in, and feel lovely too, I love how they are on a slight concave, not too obvious, but just enough and it makes it easier to remove too! LOVE THEM.

By Anonymous

awesome (24 April 2010)

got a pair of these in 10mm and they look and feel great when in cant fault them at all ! =]

By Anonymous

I (22 June 2008)

Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these babies
It looks amazing and by the other reviews it seems really comfy too!
i'll be stocking up on these!

By Anonymous

Got a 16mm one of these (16 May 2008)

I think it looks fantastic, I've gotten loads of compliments for it, and it was so easy to insert

Wood is definitely one of my favourite plug materials

Buy some :)

By Anonymous

Very good (22 February 2008)

This is a very good plug, got it in a 10mm for my girlfriend and she loved it
I ended up buying one for myself 'cos they were so comfy too!
I'd recommended these

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