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Nice! (03 May 2015)

I love this! I've been wearing the same one since july of 2014 and it's currently may 2015. It is light and very pretty. I can even wear it at work and nobody minds, and I work at a banquet hall. If you're going to buy one push-fit thing, this should be it. I love it, and I'm buying a second now.


Very sparkly (19 January 2012)

I have this in my tragus with a 1.2ml bioflex labret. Very sparkly, nice and small so not ott. Easy to use. My favourite tragus jewellery.

By Anonymous

very cute (05 July 2010)

I love this, i cant wait to buy another one. i wanted to see how it would look on my lip and its just so pretty. Even my bf's mom who hates my new lip piercings told me this looked really cute. I would have to disagree with the reviewer who says its hard to pull out of the labret post, though, i found this to be the easiest of the 4 push fit pieces i bought to get back out.
after i get the second one i can have two on my lip i know it will look great!

By Anonymous

really nice. (08 March 2010)

i like this one its very delicate and it makes my labret look feminine. i think its really easy to put in and out i can even do it without a mirror which is handy!

By Anonymous

Looks good, snug fit (14 January 2010)

The piece looks just like it does in the picture. The only complaint I have about the piece is that it takes quite a bit of effort to wrestle it out of the bioplast post. This is good if you are concerned about your jewelry falling out, however I might wind up just chewing through my bioplast post just to get it out of my lip when it's time for a change!

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