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Excellent (02 December 2010)

I picked up a pair of these to go with a pair of the Clear BioFlex Barbells with Ball, and they're perfect for my new nipple piercings. Great price, great product.

By Anonymous

Healing helper (01 December 2009)

Excellent for nipple piercing, helped healing process!

By Anonymous

nice, but tough to use (03 January 2009)

I have these in the 1.6mm by 4mm size. This is my first (tongue) piercing so I'm not that familiar yet with the sizing, but judging by my other barbells, these balls seem WAY way smaller than 4mm to me, perhaps I was sent the wrong size by mistake..? They are difficult to hold (and VERY easy to lose, so be sure to order plenty of spares), and *extremely* difficult to put on. If you've never used them before, make sure you have at least 45 minutes to an hour to get them on for the first time, or else you'll make everyone else late and they'll probably have to leave without you (speaking from experience). On a positive note, they're very comfortable, and once they're finally on they're quite secure. Since they're clear, they're also very discreet - perfect for long days at work or school, or anyplace you don't want your piercing to stand out.

By Anonymous

1.6mm x 5mm balls (02 May 2008)

great for my sons school wear! but bit of a bugger to get on and off!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous

Nice to have. (02 April 2008)

I have a labret piercing and a few times I don't have the time or patients to mess with the little retainers. So its nice to just pop one of these on and go. =)

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