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By from Texas, USA

Great (12 November 2016)

I love these and even use them in my regular lobe piercings from my childhood. I can change my own tragus so much easier now!

By from tucson, az

Good! (12 August 2015)

These retainers lasted me about 3 months. They fit nice, I got 14ga x 5/16, they were kind of short but that's my fault, I didn't know the correct size to get! They're practically invisible! Mine pinched my skin so they were more noticeable, but if you have the right size i'm sure no one will notice! Sadly, recently they broke. The plastic on the push-in stud part became crooked and then ultimately bended to the point where it was no longer able to be used. This is partly my fault, but still, I wish the plastic on these were a bit more durable! Good buy, would recommend.

By from Leicester

Perfect! (09 May 2013)

So pleased with my purchase. I have bought loads of push in studs with backs that don't fit properly, but this is the perfect length for my tragus 6mm and I can chop and change with all the studs I have previously bought. Thanks!


Fantastic product (04 September 2012)

I can not recommend the bioflex material enough. I changed my labret piercing to this material after just 10 days of having my lip pierced. Within 12 hrs the redness I still had went & within 24 hours it stopped being crusty & felt like my normal lip again, no longer sore & uncomfortable. It doesn't bother my teeth or gums either. No way would I go back to metal.

By from Birmingham

Excellent (05 April 2012)

I've got my lip pierced and last year thought about taking it out because after a while the ball on all of my bars kept fallin off and when they wasnt falling out they were rubbing on my gum and leaving a red ring. I looked on google for an alternative and came across this god send of a website!! I've used the push fit bars for over a year now a wouldnt dream of using anything else. I dont even feel the back in my mouth and everyone comments about the unusual and funky studs on the end. I cant fault this website or its products my jewlery box is full of half the products from here! Thanks again for the amazing quality. Cant wait to see some new designs. Its worth even more then 10 stars on the product rating!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (27 November 2011)

I was having a drama changing my tragus piercing from the labret it was pierced with and I had no idea what size the stem was so I ended up ordering quite a few sizes (pretty much all of them in fact) and finally got it right. It is perfect and I really like that once it is in you just have to change the top instead of the whole thing. So far I have had no problems and can't even feel it is in most of the time. I'm hoping it is going to help with the dreaded bump too.

By from Rochester

Fab! (08 August 2011)

I was having trouble with my monroe, it wouldn't heal and the metal bar made my gum raw. I was contemplating taking it out and letting it heal when I came across these. They are a God send! If you get the right size you can't feel it all that much, it doesn't rub my gum and my lip healed up in no time.

By from West Midlands

Love it! (25 July 2011)

I needed to try something different to put in my labret piercing, as the normal steel bars were rubbing on my teeth, and even causing my lower gums to recede! Not nice...So i tried this, and i can not recommend them enough. Well worth the price. Its so comfortable, and feels so much cleaner than normal ones. Easy to use, and great for changing the studs to suit your mood! The only thing is, resist the urge to nibble them like i do, because it can cause them to bend, but i still haven't bit through mine :) Try it, you won't regret it, i promise :)

By Anonymous

:) (05 January 2011)

I found that the metal bars scrape at my gums too much, whereas I've had no problems with these ones. They're very comfortable and there is a wide range of push-fit studs that fit these bars, so you're not limited to a few different colours or shapes.

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