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By from Lincoln

The best (23 June 2017)

Got this because I needed (a) a small, discrete piercing but didn't want a completely plain one and (b) because a bump appeared around my piercing and was taking ages to heal. Within a couple of days of wearing this one, the bump had gone. It looks great too...very discreet but catches the light nicely.

By from dorset

Excellent (12 November 2015)

I would never go back to metal piercings after using Bioplast. It is so comfortable and doesnt irritate my skin at all. This is the 4th time ive had my nose pierced due to metal jewellery getting caught and falling out. It is also safe for wearing in scans/xrays.


Comfortable and subtle (28 April 2014)

If you're looking for something very small and subtle, yet still visible (especially in the light) this will be perfect.
The stud is also VERY comfortable to wear. It sits snugly and does not rotate around at all, so you don't have to worry about the tail coming out. And since it's quite flat, it's difficult to get it caught in anything.
The colour is lighter than in the picture though, so keep that in mind.

By from Sweden

So cute :) (01 November 2012)

Smallest i ever seen very coolö! Like to change from rings to studs and have two piercings on 1 nostril and 1 on the other. But i think its light blue not dark! If u want to be discrete this is perfect! Love bioflex its so good for healing and new piercings! 10 stars :)


The best :) (28 October 2011)

This nose stud is very small and discreet but not too small that it goes unnoticed!

I used to wear a nose bone and it was the worst thing ever because sometimes it would stab the inside of my nose as the post was pretty long =/

This stud is really easy to insert and is so comfortable because it's flexible. I can't feel it at all & there's no way it can fall out :)

The only thing is that the curve is slightly bigger than other nose screws but it's not a problem because you can just swivel it around until it's hidden.

By Anonymous

Amazing (05 May 2010)

I got my nose done by a trainee piercer and it was taking a long time to heal. I tried this and it healed within a week, its extremely comfy and subtle. it hasn’t fallen out of my nose in the 2 years iv been wearing this (and other colours). Really glad i bought it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for something more discreet, to promote healing or something more comfy than the usual metal stud.

By Anonymous

probably my favourite (23 September 2008)

im the sort of person who goes through phases of liking my nose being pierced then a few weeks later, ill wish i hadn't got it done
only to fall back in love with it again

for times when i dont want my nose stud to be highly obvious this is perfect
the jewel is really nice and quite discreet
they are easy to get in and very comfortable.

easy to lose though, im about to purchase my 2nd
and i doubt ill stop there

By Anonymous

I like them (01 July 2008)

its quite good, yeah.

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