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By from England

So far so good. (09 March 2017)

I got this screw a few weeks back and had put off changing it because I thought it would hurt to change but there was no pain whatsoever. Really easy to put in. However, I will be cutting it down in the morning because it is really long. I have hypertrophic scarring next to my piercing and have tried everything from tea-tree oil to salt washes and bio-oil and I really think it had to do with the Titanium bar I recently had in, it was fairly long and didn't sit right in my piercing. The weight on my piercing wasn't helping so I turned to bioflex as I hear it is a hypoallergenic and non-irritant. Basically weightless. Hopefully it will work. Fingers crossed!! :) (I'll rate it 5/10 for now until I see how it works out)

By from kansas, USA

amazing! (24 August 2014)

I have a nose piercing that was giving me fits. I put in one of these at 8 wks post piercing, and boom! All the problems cleared up! This was better for the healing then the one my piercer used! They are super comfy with just the right amount of sparkle!!
Well worth the time it takes to reach the states!

By from Wales, UK

Great product! (14 December 2013)

I love this stud so much I'm getting more in other colours. I used it two weeks ago, my piercer put it in first off, and I'd definitely recommend it for comfort - I was completely pain free three days later even wriggling my nose. . It's tiny, sparkly and discreet, I love it. I tried to change it to a silver stud this week which was smaller (I can feel it in my nose a bit too much inside), but I've gone back to this one as the new one wasn't as comfy. This is why I'm back today - to buy some more. The inside part is long as I mentioned, but as someone else suggested, you can trim it down.

By from Wales

Perfect for tragus (06 September 2013)

I use this in my tragus because mine is too close to the edge. It's perfect! It's tiny and really comfortable, I can't even feel it!

By from hull

Fab! (02 April 2012)

I just changed my nose stud for the first time yesterday and this was so easy to get in, really comfy and discrete but really sparkly aswell. love it!

By from Germany

Amating flexability (23 January 2012)

Just got it 30 minutes ago. Put it in and I can't feel it. It looked to long so I cut it down a little bit. I love that the stud is so small but you can still see it. Thanks!

By from Wesleydale

The best... (20 August 2011)

My piercing was taking so long to heal, I tried so many different types of jewellery & ended up spending a fortune. I was about to retire my piercing until I tried one of these. They are amazing!!! So easy to insert, very comfortable to wear, and after only a few days of wearing it, any soreness & redness I had was gone. Subtle & sparkly too, I highly recommend these, so glad I found this jewellery. Excellent srvice too.

By from Scotland

So cute! (14 August 2011)

Just changed my stud for the first time since getting it about 3 months ago. Really comfortable. The only bad point is that the bend on the inside is quite big so you need to get it in the right place. Very cute little diamond, nice and subtle which is what I wanted for work. Will buy again!

By from Hull

Brilliant stud (22 June 2011)

This is a brilliant product.
Goes in easily and is very comfortable, infact I forget I'm wearing it. Will be buying others in this range so that I can have a change.

By Anonymous

teeny cute! (19 June 2010)

the jewel is tiny! im worried it will pull through my piercing! they are adorable though, my only complaint is that the bend is ridiculously long and sticks out of my nostrils.......

By Anonymous

Super easy!! (10 September 2009)

I have a surgical steel nose bone with a diamond which I love immensely but the problem with it is that it's a little short and well, skin swells so often i'd find that my skin would sometimes grow over the nose bone taper and it would result in the nose bone slightly coming out. And when that wouldn't happen, the bone would easily come out in the shower or just by accidental grazing. This one is cheap, has a long tail-easy to put in and while it's not a diamond, it's still not a bad option.

By Anonymous

not perfect, but still good (26 August 2009)

I bought this to replace my titanium nose screw as I wanted something a bit smaller on the outside, and I kept accidentally stabbing the inside of my nose with the metal.

Really easy to put in because of the flexibility, and the gem is a nice size. Very comfortable most of the time.

The hook is a bit big for my nose though, and I have to wriggle it often to stop myself squeaking/wheezing when I breathe.
I think I'll buy a black plastic one next time with a non-clear sparkly because this one can look a bit off-colour at times.

By Anonymous

love it (01 November 2008)

for a few months i had my nose pierced i had the stud in that i got it pierced with and it was a nightmare. it was really long with a sharp point on the end. and really dangerous if someone was to bang my nose.

so i thought i'd give one of these a go. at first i wasn't too sure about the shape and how it would fit in my nose but now i love it!

it's never going to fall out and its comfortable. and doesn't hurt if i bang my nose!
its small enough to get away with having, but big enough for it to look cute and nice.

i'd recommend this to anyone.

By Anonymous

great (01 September 2008)

this is a really nice, discreet nose stud. it's subtle, but with just a bit of sparkle. whenever i wear this, it often takes people a while to realise i've got in in, but i like that. i sometimes wear this one at school, and ive never been asked to take it out.

By Anonymous

Bioplast nose studs (08 February 2008)

Bioplast is the way forward with nose studs. They are small and hardly noticeable (to the unpierced eye) and perfect for work. Best of all you can blow your nose with out giving yourself a septum piercing!

By Anonymous

small nose studs-brillant (09 December 2007)

i was fed up of wearing large nose studs n when eva i sneezed id lose them!!! but with these, their tiny n no metal in sight! - i can sneeze all day long n i dnt lose them! their brillant, n amazin coloured diamonds!

By Anonymous

Sparkly! (27 October 2007)

I have a very sweet little tragus piercing that I usually wear a BCR in, but fancied something different. Tried various things but mostly the back shows or they look HUGE. Thought I'd try one of these. So cute and the wiggly bit disappears out of sight. No fumbling around with backs or labret studs and the fear that you might accidently lose them...

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