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By from croatia

nose stud (30 March 2016)

this nose stud is so cute and tiny.and fast shipping too :)

By from Leeds

Beautiful!! (30 May 2015)

Bought this as my nose piercing is very very sensitive!! all my other piercings are bio flex so I thought id try one in my nose, it's beautiful!! So tiny and feminine!! Catches the light beautifully and I like how the post is quite thick not like other nose studs that are small and need you to re pierce the hole if you change ur mind. Will be purchasing more of these little beauties!!! Super quick delivery too!! Ordered Friday afternoon arrived Saturday morning!!

By from Durham

Amazing (28 February 2015)

This is the best little stud, and it arrived ridiculously quickly. So easy to put in, and so wonderfully discreet. Absolutely gorgeous - beyond thrilled! My only criticism is that there should be more colours! I have the dark blue one; green and purple would be lovely.


Bioplast nose stud (26 June 2013)

Love this nose stud so much!! I've had my piercing for about a year now but it's my most sensitive piercing so I couldn't imagine changing it to another medal stud even now. The bioplast stud was beyond easy to put in and I didn't feel a thing. I will be buying more products from this site in the future. Fast delivery and so far a great product! I'm scared the gem will fall out but I hope it doesn't. Overall, I love this!

By from Cardiff

Awesome (03 June 2013)

I used this stud as the first one in my relatively new nose piercing... Really easy to insert and comfortable, the only problem being that sometimes the inside coil tends to come round a little. My nose has been a bit irritated because of hayfever but within 24 hours of having this in it was painless. Will deffo purchase again!

By from Norway

perfect! (20 January 2012)

very comfortable size of the curve, easier to put in as bioplast is more flexible than metal, the crystal part is flat, small and discreet, yet obvious when catches the light. perfect!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (02 December 2011)

The studs fit really well -- stays in against my piercing tight and doesn't pop up to show the bar or swing out from inside my nostril. The plastic is completely invisible, so just the jewel shows. The jewel is your basic, cubic zirconium looking piece. My only comment would be those who have trouble getting L-shaped studs in...although it looks spiral, there is a clear L-shaped bend. Still, easy enough to get in for those experienced with different types of stud shapes.

By from London

Best nose stud yet (07 September 2011)

Just received my order (incredibly quick and efficient delivery!), popped in this stud, and am immediately very impressed. I've tried a lot of different studs as my piercing can be temperamental (even though I've had it for over 2 years) and this is by far the best looking and the easiest to use stud I've had. Because it's flexible it is easy and painless to insert, and the crystal on the end sits perfectly, and looks great too. Will definitely be buying more BioFlex stuff in the future!

By Anonymous

pretty (05 April 2011)

lovely nose stud, easy to put in and really pretty and delicate

By from Birmingham

A brilliant buy! (28 September 2010)

I put this stud in as soon as I came home from having my nose pierced. (I know - aren't I a trooper for attempting that!) It went in quite easily with not alot of discomfort or anything. Really impressed by it. Looks really pretty and is super comfortable. Will definately be getting more of these babies! :)

By Anonymous

Dainty enough to wear every day (20 May 2010)

I wear this nose stud every day, as it's small enough to get away with wearing at college. Also, it's really easy to get in and out due to it being flexible and it also helped my nose piercing heal in next to no time. It's almost invisible when you're looking at someone head on, but when you look sideways on, it's small and cute and I absolutely love it. When it gets caught in a bit of light, it's so bright and it changes colour! Mine is sometimes yellow and sometimes it is a really bright white colour, so people think I'm forever changing my nose stud. All in all, I'd recommend this to anyone who is considering buying bioplast, as I've never had problems with it!

By Anonymous

Really cute :) (10 April 2009)

I put this stud in a relatively new piercing and it went in surprisingly well! The shape and material is really comfortable and the gem is subtle but still noticeable.

By Anonymous

Comfort, at last! (19 March 2008)

I just received my BioFlex Jewelled Nose Stud today. As soon as it arrived I ran to put it in and replace the straight metal stud I had been pierced with (which I had to keep a plaster over to keep in). The BioFlex is soooo comfortable, and it fits perfectly; there's no need for me to worry that this little gem will fall out!. The sparkly crystal is very small and subtle, but still noticible. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

By Anonymous

Im in love! (06 January 2008)

These studs are perfect if you arent one of those people who likes to walk around with a big blob on your nose.
Its discreet and very pretty but the jewel still stands out & sparkles.
The curved bar inside your nose sits soooo comfortably so no more stabbing yourself whenever you touch your nose.

I cant wait to buy differnt colours. I would definitely recommend these!

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