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By Anonymous

i love it! (18 November 2012)

it's exactly what i was looking for. something small and subtle. although i'm very paranoid, it never fell out nor did i ever have any problems with it. i find that it adds a bit of sparkle without standing out too much. perfect for my work environment :-)

By from East Sussex

Best lip piercing ever (18 January 2012)

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewellery I brought this in light blue, crystal and crystal Ab I do prefer the end with crystal an silver as it looks prettier but it makes my lip piercing elegant and pretty!!!

By Anonymous

Great!! (18 February 2010)

This labret stud looks perfect as it looks like you have just a crystal there which is great if you're looking for a subtle effect with your piercing! just put it in today on my lip and it feels pretty secure so far as it clicks in really tight, and its pretty comfortable too! have no complaints!!

By Anonymous

Pretty good (25 July 2009)

Very comfortable to wear and the gem is very pretty and subtle.

The gem is so small though that they are easy to lose, make sure its secure and buy yourself a spare one!

By Anonymous

Fab - but tasty (13 July 2009)

These are mega comfy to wear, and don't rub on your teeth or gums. Even for someone who is a compulsive labret chewer.

On the minus side i did find that the jewels fell out occasionally and i swallowed a couple...

Also used them in my lobes and they were fab fab fab! don't dig into your head like normal ear jewellery and i even got away with wearing them at football! ;-)

By Anonymous

I use in tragus. (01 July 2009)

Very pretty!

By Anonymous

Great (10 April 2009)

I've been wearing these in my lobe piercings for a few months now, and I've never had a problem with them at all. Even though the pieces are tiny, the push-fit makes it much easier to use than threaded jewelry.

By Anonymous

Brilliant Bioflex stud (13 January 2008)

This stud is great - the material is much softer than metal studs so is much more comfortable to wear and does not make the gums sore! The crystal is small and discreet, and looks very stylish and elegant in my opinion.

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