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By Anonymous

Charlotte (22 July 2012)

Bought this for for healed tongue piercing - it is so comfortable and lightweight. I'd really recommend it.

A tip for getting the push-fit ball on (especially on a wet tongue):
-when you trim the stem to your required length, use really sharp scissors and blade and slightly taper the end millimetre - it'll hardly be visible to your eye, but it'll be just enough to ease it into the recess of the ball, and there's enough depth in the recess to still achieve a snug fit.

By Anonymous

Tongue bar! (03 February 2010)

Really useful piece of kit! With a set of o-rings Id call it a staple of jewellery needs!!

I used it for my tongue bar and it was perfect :)

Great price as always

By Anonymous

:) (08 May 2009)

fantastic for my tongue piercing :) Good for hiding the piercing and for dentst appointmentss! cheap:)

By Anonymous

=] (05 March 2009)

Great product, extrmely useful for when i want yo hide my piercing.

By Anonymous

comfortable and discreet (03 January 2009)

This has been a lifesaver for my tongue piercing, which has been taking a longer time to heal than expected. It's very comfortable and perfect for situations where I don't want to draw attention.

By Anonymous

Natty's school wear! (05 May 2008)

got these for my Nat for school .He wears them with the push on balls to retain his 1.6mm holes in his ears bit of a life saver and sooo comfy............ so i'm told!!!

By Anonymous

secure and comfortable (01 April 2008)

this is ideal for concealing a tongue or facial piercing at work, and it's so discreet you can barely tell your'e wearing it.

By Anonymous

Great product! (02 March 2008)

I think this is the best one for a tongue piercing as it is clear so it is very discrete.
Also becasue you can still feel the ball so you don't think you've lost it.

By Anonymous

Tongue Bar (08 February 2008)

The half ball on the end of this bar and the adjustable length make it very comfortable, and as it is clear its discreet for wearing at work.

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