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Perfect! (02 December 2010)

Bought a pair of these for my recent nipple piercings and they're exactly what I wanted. Great price, great product.

By Anonymous

Perfect for work or painful piercings. (01 July 2010)

I have to remove all piercings for work and uni and these are a great alternative. Really comfy, especially if you're prone to bashing your ears by accident! I really like these.

By Anonymous

Good for healing (13 February 2010)

Used this in my conch piercing when it got infected. Helped healing, and swelling reduced quickly. Was ideal for this as I didn't have to purchase more than one barbell for the piercing as the swelling went down, making it worth my money.

By Anonymous

bioplast barbells (06 February 2010)

Originally bought one of these to hide it from my mother when i went swimming! I didn't take it out for ages as it was so comfy to wear and great for healing, although i eventually told my mum about my nipple, i still wear this!

By Anonymous

Any problems, Try this!! (22 December 2009)

My nipple piercings were a nightmare and didn't seem to be healing at all, after countless months, problems and infections i tried bioplast along with the orange bottle aftercare spray anti bacterial solution. It is so comfortaable and light weight, finally my piercings are all ok and i know they wouldn't be now if i didn't try these products! Metal of any sort including surgical steel and titanium are not great if you have sensitive skin, as i found out!! Highly recommend bioplast!!

By Anonymous

great for everyday use (13 December 2009)

use when going to work, school, college or even interviews! I've still not been caught out with this amazing product!

By Anonymous

Ideal buy (01 December 2009)

Very easy to use, flexible, and easy to cut to size! Helps healing process