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By Anonymous

Verrry good =) (03 February 2011)

I bought this Eye Liner in White, because I wanted an intensive White-Colour, and here I got it.
It's really well-covering, so if you want to have a really white Eye shadow that is definitely eye-catching: here it is =)

By Anonymous

Bold Colour! (23 September 2010)

A fantastic product , creates a fantastic bold colour with a small amount of water.Easy to apply with a simple eyeshadow brush.Well worth the money!

By Anonymous

Great! (02 June 2010)

I got this in black, it's really great when you mix it with water, goes on really smoothly and it's really dark. When it dries, it stays on for ages. It's also a rather big pack, larger than most eyeshadows.

By Anonymous

Amazing colour, amazing value! (09 January 2010)

I thought I was paying for a little pot of pressed powder, but you get a rather big pot for 4:50!
And the product itself is brilliant, Such thick bold colour and so easy to apply with the right brush.
And I will be buying more different colours.

By Anonymous

Best eyeshadow ever (14 May 2008)

Best color. Bright, and stays on allll day! This stuff is awesome.

By Anonymous

cool (28 March 2008)

wow 2 in 1 lol perfect for the people thats makeup bage r totally full plus like it said awesome for traveling specially on planes which is why i bought it, i travek alot and the security at dubai took away my eyeliner as it was "too sharp" so now cause i have ma cake eye liner its awesome as its totally smooth and u can control the colors on ur eye, darker lighter etc. etc.

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