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By Anonymous

Great! - (rather fragile) (24 February 2010)

This horn twist is very pretty, easy to put on and looks great. However, it does have a couple of downfalls such as; from the front view the twist isn't so noticeable and it is very fragile, so take care!
Overall I would definitely say it's worth it though and, personally, I think that it looks a lot better than a crescent.

Introducing larger sizes would a great idea. (since I have 4mm and 6mm and was very frustrated when I realised that I could only get one!)

By Anonymous

Cute (02 February 2010)

These look really cute in. I bought one for my boyfriend, but it broke it within a few days (he sat on it) so be careful! They are quite delicate! Look great if you only have small stretches though.

By Anonymous

Ok (17 July 2008)

I ordered these and going by the reviews I was thinking it was going to be pretty good. I ordered them and as always super quick delivery how ever one of the two were broken. So I rang up and got another one sorted however they're not exactly how I expected. I thought they twisted around a little more than they do. They look really good from a side point of view but straight ahead you just have 2 straight black things straight down. Not the visual effect I was hoping for. However, they were very easy to put in, very comfy and light. Again another downer is that they're very fragile so if you were to carry them somewhere in your bag/pocket/whatever you'd have to be extremely careful.

By Anonymous

Absolutely fabulous (18 February 2008)

These twists are so cute! They weigh next to nothing and are incredibly comfortable to wear also during the night. Recommended!

By Anonymous

Cool (08 February 2008)

These are really sweet. And look great in all 3 sizes.
Although i would like to see them in larger sizes such as 6mm.

Really cute.

By Anonymous

so damn cute! (28 January 2008)

I'm just starting to stretch my ears, and I'm already fed up of only wearing my crescents (despite them being perfectly lovely) so I got this to for a change of scenery... It's so cute!
Put it in the minute the package arrived and have received several compliments on it already! It's very comfortable and easy to put in too!

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