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By from Las Vegas

Great for your lip! (01 May 2014)

I was a bit nervous at first seeing as there aren't many reviews about it being used for a lip ring, but once I received it I was very pleased. The stud I had in before was not very comfortable and it aggravated my gums to no end. This stud is 100% different, I forget I even have my lip pierced sometimes because it's so comfortable that you can't even feel it! It doesn't bother my gums at all and never has bothered me. I recommend this product fully, it's truly a miracle if you have your lip pierced!


Awesome. (15 August 2012)

Perfect, I wear them in my lobes backwards so the flat part is at the front - they're my "usual" ear studs and great for work.

By from atlanta, ga

Great! (19 April 2011)

Blackline is amazing! I have this in my tragus and it is so comfy. Great quality!

By Anonymous

Blackline Micro Labret Stud (26 April 2010)

I wear this in my tragus its really comfy and looks great, the ball screws on tight too, which is great because a lot of labret studs I've had in the past the balls don't stay on very well.

By Anonymous

Great! (15 February 2010)

Looks great in all different piercings. I have it in my tragus and its comfortable to wear, looks amazing and its easy to fit my headphones in!

By Anonymous

Gotta love Blackline... (21 October 2009)

This is fanstastic, as blackline always is! Got it in my central labret piercing and love it!
The only thing i don't like is how tiny the back disc is.. Not really a problem though, just preference!

By Anonymous

BRILL :] (05 October 2009)

Bought this Labret just after I got my cartialage pierced around 3-4 years ago as the ring I already had been wearing was uncomfortable and my PE teacher didn't take kindly to them!
I've worn it ever since! It is so comfortable to sleep in and the flat bottom doesn't get my fly-away hair wrapped around it! Would reccommend it as a first stud to anyone!

By Anonymous

Lovely (24 July 2009)

Finally i can fit an ear swab in my ear and not catch the ball.

great buy, def worth the price.

By Anonymous

See it to believe it (27 June 2009)

Blackline is incredibly beautiful, and really nice quality. Top notch. Worth the money (even if it is a tad on the expensive side)

By Anonymous

:) (04 February 2009)

I have had this in my lip for years and I think it looks much nicer than the silver ones. Also it stays in so you don't need to worry about it falling out like a lot ofmy other labrets.

By Anonymous

make good earings (05 July 2008)

got a pair of these and where ever you put them in your ears they always look great.
currently have two in my pinna and they look wicked.
so comforatble and look really nice

By Anonymous

Great for pinna (19 April 2008)

This item is great if you have a pinna pearcing. the back is flat and doesnt stand out and its a good alternative to constantly wearing a BCR or circular bar bell.

By Anonymous

Wicked product. (02 March 2008)

These are great in auricle and pinna piercings as the back doesnt get caught in your hair as much.

Good price too!

By Anonymous

Cute and comfy (07 December 2007)

Not too bold , but stands out nicely in my lip piercing , lost the ball a few times but thats my clumsiness. Comfortable and looks great.

By Anonymous

lip studs (16 November 2007)

I wear these in my snakebites and they look really cool I can wear them for formal occasions too, and they are really comfy to wear.

I would recommend them to any one.

By Anonymous

Fiddly, but pretty! (07 November 2007)

I bought his to wear in my nostril and it took me a few tries to insert the post inside my nostril, but i think thats down to the fact that my septum jewellery got in the way!
Once in, it looks really good, neat and excellent for wear with formal clothing.
I've seen a few worn in snakebites and they lok fantastic-my first choice for lip jewellery without a doubt.

By Anonymous

Nose stud (18 October 2007)

After I took the task of chanigng all my jewellery to black line I purchased several nose screws all of which were 1mm thick I wore them for a while but for the the duration felt they were too small, thats when I saw these nifty little things slightly larger but not too big that they look awkward, they're the perfect size all round for nostril piercings and unlike nose screws when you blow your nose the back doesn't stab you.

I have lost the ball off my stud afew times but keep a little tash of spare blackline balls for when it does happen.

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