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By from Manchester

Brilliant! (01 September 2015)

I absolutely love these barbells. I originally got a 6mm size for a helix piercing, when I somehow lost the ball in my BCR which I've worn for years and never took out. I really struggle with them but these ones are so much easier.

I liked it so much I got a further two 10mm size to go in my lobe on the same ear - they really stand out and look so cool - absolutely love them!

Only thing is I am constantly checking all the balls are screwed on tight as I am paranoid they'll come loose.

By Anonymous

Great (25 October 2010)

I have two of these, one with round balls, and one with cones.
They look especially good when I wear one of each.

By Anonymous

Awesome! (14 April 2010)

I bought 2 for my boyfriend for his snakebites and they look great, also bought one for myself and it looked really cute! Really comfy also handy that both balls unscrew. TIP: Apply from the outside inwards so you screw the ball at the top makes it a hundred times easier.

By Anonymous

Good product (04 March 2010)

I got four of these to wear in my lobes. I've previously worn the 1.6mm barbells with 13mm diameter but found them to be too big and heavy. I got these in the 10mm diameter and they are much better.

The only thing is that BJS didn't send me enough balls for them, there was one missing. I happened to have a spare ball which was the right size so it wasn't a big deal for me, but it would have been annoying if I'd had to wait for them to send me another one.

By Anonymous

So Simple! (28 February 2010)

really nice simple circular babrbell to use. i'll admit, bit fiddly to fit the balls on the 1.2mm gauge when first trying but gets easier each time! usually take an 11mm stud but the 10mm ring fits nice and snuggly and comfortably! very happy!

By Anonymous

Smiley (02 February 2010)

I bought this to put in my smiley piercing. Very hard to put in, but that's because of where a smiley piercing is. The black really makes it stand out though.

By Anonymous

awesome (13 September 2009)

Not too outrageous but makes a statment. Would recommend it to anyone.

By Anonymous

!YES! (19 July 2009)

Couldnt ask for a better barbell. I used it for my septum. Id had other jewlery in it before and this was the best. i still wear it now. comphy, looks good. brillent.

By Anonymous

. (17 April 2008)

love this !
looks really good
and i love the size of the balls

By Anonymous

Useful and attractive (11 April 2008)

Nice in and a good alternative to rings if you think you're going to have to swap it out regularly (for work or something) since they're easier than most full rings to take in and out. Good compromise between the convenience of a bar and the look (and fun to fiddle with) of a ring.

By Anonymous

look so nice (16 March 2008)

i got one of these for my septum and it looks really nice.
really comfortable and very discreet if you need to ever hide it away.
would definately recommend this.

By Anonymous

Review size (09 October 2007)

If you are considering buying one of these, the i would reccomend trying to use a 1.6mm barbel.
these just seem too small to me, i lost mine the same week as it was so thin it was hard to see without my glasses on.
but if you are happy with 1.2mm jewellery then these would be perfect for you.l

By Anonymous

So cute! (07 June 2005)

These are excellent little earrings, great for if you need an earring with a snug fit if there's no room for the ball on a BCR, it's basically the same as a ball-less BCR only you're guaranteed they won't fall out as it's held in place by tiny weenie balls that can both be unscrewed and replaced. So cute!

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