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By Anonymous

On my Tragus.. (15 June 2011)

Looks sick! ;)
It's perfect, very happy to bought it!


:) (09 March 2011)

I ordered one of these for my anti-tragus. Very much loving it.

By Anonymous

perfect! (25 March 2010)

my first blackline product and i am definitely addicted. i wear this in my rook and it is so comfortable and looks great!

By Anonymous

Blackline Micro Bananabells (05 February 2010)

I ordered one of these a while ago. It is currently in my Pinna Ear Piercing and it is very comfortable! It replaced a BCR that was causing irritation (due to it moving). the irrtation has disapeared and I now am bump free! Thankyou!

By Anonymous

Wow (28 January 2010)

Looks stunning in my rook piercing = D

By Anonymous

blackline (27 July 2008)

these are great and are comfy to wear, nice change from titanium ones

By Anonymous

Micro Bananabell (06 July 2008)

Great length cos it has swelling room and looks good with black hair, !

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (20 October 2007)

Had my eyebrow pierced last year and have only had titainium barbells in, decided I needed a change.

Didn't want extremely bright colours due to work, and don't find them too attractive, saw the blackline micro bananabell and decided it was perfect!

There was lots of sizes to choose from, bought the 8mm and it fits perfectly and the balls aren't too big either, (which was what I was worried about!).

The balls stay secure and I don't even feel the bar even there, very comfortable.

With the price of £7.00 I will definately be buying more of these!

By Anonymous

Definetly worth buying! (20 October 2007)

Have always had a titanium barbell in my eyebrow and decided to change it, this bananabell fits perfectly!

Love the black and the balls aren't too big. Love the pricing and the variety of sizes. Will be buying more!

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