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By from England

Perfect! (05 August 2011)

Bought two of these for my viper bites since standard metalic titanium balls don't particuarly suit me. I LOVE them. :D! Would definitely reccomend them. I know they're not exactly cheap, but if I'd have bought them in a highstreet piercing shop they'd have cost twice as much. :(

By Anonymous

Ace (15 August 2010)

Perfect for your labret and other piercings if you want it to stand out a little more - the black contrasts with the colour of your skin around your piercing and it really stands out!


A+ (28 July 2010)

Ordered one of these for a friend's labret, as the one from the initial piercing is waaay too long now. 7mm length. Still didn't give it to him, but I inspected it, and it's flawless. Beautiful colour, the back disk is quite thick so it won't cut in your lip, great finish. I imagine it would look wonderful in a monroe piercing!
It's worth the price.

By Anonymous

sweet! (03 March 2010)

my gf bought some of these for her snake bites and for the middle really good quality and look ace in

By Anonymous

GREAT :) (28 February 2009)

Really comfortable, great quality and looks ace!

By Anonymous

labret (14 January 2009)


By Anonymous

Lip Stud. (13 January 2009)

I love this product. I wear it through my lower lip piercing and it's really comfortable. It has a nice shine to it but is really simple and makes a change from the jewellery I was pierced with.

By Anonymous

simplicity is the key (24 June 2008)

i love this product so much i wear it in my lip and in my nose AND in my ears. the little ball is the perfect size and isn't too overwhelming like some other can be i've found.

By Anonymous

Woooo (27 October 2007)

I LOVE these labret studs :D
Absoloutly fantastic, subtle in any piercing and fantastic quality.

By Anonymous

Lip stud (03 June 2007)

The ball is bigger than it looks in the picture although it is amazing quality.

By Anonymous

Great for first ear lobe stretch (24 June 2006)

I bought a pair of these studs for my first ear lobe stretch and was really impressed with them. They are really comfortable, easy to get in and out and they look great. Highly recommended.

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