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By from Brasil

Awesome (01 December 2011)

Awesome finish and material. Very, very smooth. It disappears in the shadow and suddenly it reflects something and send a flash of light. Great buy!

By from Norfolk,England

quality (22 October 2011)

A Quality product,well worth buying,arrived next day.

By from Barry

Simply the best (22 July 2011)

You just cant beat this item for quality and looks. Makes all my other tunnels look cheap and nasty. I purchased this in 8mm then went up to 10mm, looks great!! The end of the day you get what you pay for, and with this tunnel that is spot on. The threads are so smooth on this tunnel, would 100% recommend.

By from UK

AMAZING!! 100% 10/10 (26 January 2011)

These are AMAZING!! they are confitable. & just perfect. i have 6mm(2G) & i love them, yes its pricey but worth every penny ^^

By Anonymous

10/10 (11 June 2010)

These are awesome, definitely worth buying!
Dont let the price scare you!

By Anonymous

AWESOME (24 May 2010)

Yes, the price is high.

But you pay for quality and this is quality.

Highly recommended.

By Anonymous

sick! (05 February 2010)

dont let the price scare you. this is a awesome product, looks great, threads are soo smoth when putting it in, get what you paid for

By Anonymous

wow! (01 February 2010)

these tunnels looks sooo good, cant wait for them!! :D

By Anonymous

Blackline Tunnels (15 January 2010)

Fantastic product!
Really easy to put in and take out with the screw-on end. Super comfy, simple, and they look amazing. I've had my same pair for over two years.
The only problem is with the metal products, they tend to make your ears smell terrible!

By Anonymous

Comfie (11 June 2009)

Nice solid product, looks real simple and classy.

Worth the price, this baby will last forever.

By Anonymous

awsome (25 May 2009)

it feels really nice to wear but i got the same one in 4 mm for £5 but its lush to wear

By Anonymous

Awsome! (05 April 2009)

I bought this in 8, and it fits perfect. Really cool product, and doesnt feel annoying

By Anonymous

pretty rad (08 February 2009)

I do like a lot, they're nice, comfy and look fantastic, but dammit why does it not come in a 9? :(

Otherwise, excellent.

By Anonymous

Awesome Product! (13 December 2008)

I bought these probably about a month ago, and they rock! Very High quality product. Comfortable and look good. Also the fact that their double tapered makes it next to impossible for them to fall out and get lost. Unless you take the back off and lose it XD.

By Anonymous

Excellent Product (11 December 2008)

I got a pair of these a while back and they are still one of my most worn stretched jewlery. The colour looks great and alot of people have commented on the look of it ( postivly of course =] ).
They feal great and are easy to get in and out. Only downside i found for this was the price but its well worth it for what is and excelent product.

By Anonymous

6mm (10 November 2008)

the lip looks reallly big on the smaller sizes, i think these will look much better in larger stretches,
I still love mine though the lip on it takes up most my ear lobe butt whatever still looks pretty Sick so im pleased.
I would reccommend this to anybody who has stretches at 8mm+
anybody with a stretch below 6mm id either stretch up or find something different
and 6mm i would say buy it cos it is Sweet but it would look better at an 8mm so if your daring enough stretch up deffintly.
very high quality, easy to get in and out, even in fresh stretches cos you can kinda screw it in your ear if it wont push through to begin with.
P.S - dont smell it when you take it out, dip it in some alcahol or something they stink harsh.
all in all great buy, looks Sick

By Anonymous

16 mm (03 September 2008)

Well after buying a 3mm one a long time ago, I decided I would get a 16mm one. The price may be an issue to some people, but in the end you get what you pay for. Its a real quality tunnel, even though the thread is on the outside, it doesn't hurt your ear at all when putting it in a freshly stretched hole.

By Anonymous

My best purchase! (01 August 2008)

I splashed out & bought this when I reached my goal size of 10mm 2years ago & it still looks as new as the day I bought it-bearing in mind its the only tunnel I own!

Good quality product!
Looks amazing & definitely worth every penny!

By Anonymous

sound (02 June 2008)

these are great , well expensive though

they're probably worth a bit more than regular one sthough so fair enough!


By Anonymous

:) (16 May 2008)

i've got one of these in a 10mm and man they are comfy, the colour is great looks good even if your other jewelery is polished colour. Love it ^_^

By Anonymous

great (11 May 2008)

these are amazing
such good quality and you just cannot go wrong, tad expensive but its really worth it .

By Anonymous

Quality product (10 May 2008)

Last October when I first started stretching I ordered one of these for when I hit 3mm, sadly due to the expensive price I couldn't order multiple sizes. But in comparison to other products out there the quality is what stands out the most.

By Anonymous

awesome!! (06 May 2008)

these are wel worth the money. they look ace, only got 8mm of em but every1 says how cool they look, def black over the silver look!!!

By Anonymous

Blackline Tunnels (18 March 2008)

I have two 20mm ones (one in each ear) and they are so easy to put in and once their in they are very comfortable I don't even notice their there, and also they look amazing. 11/10

By Anonymous

You gets what you pays for... (07 March 2008)

I got one of these (16mm) for my right ear (I couldn't afford 2). £18.50 is alot of money but the quality is outstanding, in fact it makes the two tunnels in my left ear look cheap.
The only problem is that I had to stretch my left lobe to 18mm because this tunnel makes your stretch look MUCH bigger and I was looking a bit lopsided.
It is very lightweight but doesn't feel or look cheap in any way.
I get complimented on it constantly, which to me is £18.50 well spent.

By Anonymous

Very good but bit pricey (29 February 2008)

I bought these tunnels about a week ago and although they are quite expencive.

Although the price is high you do get a very good quality tunnel. Very light and looks amazing.

This is definatly my favorite tunnel. But as a note, if you are hoping to put these in fo a fresh stretch there is a little groove behind the thread on the shaft. This groove makes it near impossible to get on when fresh. I had to put the streching taper back in for a week until it had loosened up a bit, but after that it was fine.

But overall i would say they are very good quality and vey good looking, just a shame about the price.

By Anonymous

blackline flesh tunnels (24 February 2008)

these are really reliable. The back simply twists off and you just insert the plug. Easy as pie. They are rather expensive, but hey, they are super easy, they help prevent a blowout, and they are super comfy.
I totally recommend these.

thx bjs

By Anonymous

Blackline Tunnels (26 January 2008)

These tunnels are great I have been using mine for over a year and have had no problems with them. they are easy to insert and to do up and they look awesome :D

By Anonymous

Wicked. (20 December 2007)

Just by looking at this, you can see its comftable, looks looks heavy but its not as heavy as ya think, over all im giving it a 10/10 and would recomend to friends.

By Anonymous

blackline flesh tunnels (plain) (15 October 2007)

Although these are more expensive than their surgical steel counterparts, these cool looking tunnels are ideal for anyone that has reached their desired stretching size and well worth the extra couple of pounds! the backs dont fall off, they are easy to insert and they are very comfortable, anyone that doesnt own some is missing out!

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