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7 years and still loving it! (29 April 2012)

I had my industrial piercing done 8 years ago, and after about a year it still hadn't completely healed. I changed the bar from a surgical steel one to a slightly longer blackline bar. It completely healed within a couple of weeks and has been the only piece of jewellery for my industrial ever since! Love it.


Scaffold (05 February 2012)

After reading some reviews on the Blackline bar I decided to just go ahead and get one. People were saying things about how comfy they are and how easy they go in... THEY'RE SO RIGHT!! Seriously, it's super comfy and looks awesome :) Got some smaller balls for it so that it more closely resembled my last bar but I've left the bigger one's one because they look so good :)

And with next day delivery on my order, I will definitely be shopping with you again, cheers BJS :)

By Anonymous

Great (04 March 2010)

I got this in the 35mm size to wear in my industrial piercing. My previous barbell was 36mm long so this one fits pretty much the same. Looks really cool too.

By Anonymous

tongue piercing (10 January 2010)

i bought this barbell for my tongue piercing and i was very pleased.
comfortable, not irritating and looking extra slick.

By Anonymous

blackline barbel (12 April 2009)

i bought this item for my scaffold piercing and it looks great, i am very happy :)

By Anonymous

new to my ear (03 February 2009)

I recently bought this item and I am very pleased with it. I love the way it looks on my ear and the choice of lengths is great because it allows you to find the perfect fit. It went in very smoothly and I would recommend this to everyone. If you need a bar blackline is the one to get.

By Anonymous

Great Product (13 December 2008)

Ordered 40mm Barbell. Fits Perfectly. Its great that they come in different lengths unlike some others, i thought i was never going to find one to fit my ear. Would recommend. Very comfortable.

By Anonymous

Ooh lalaaaaa (23 July 2008)

I ordered this one in 35mm for yes, :p a scaffold like the above. It actually stands out on me less because of my dark hair and light olivish tone skin. Tho, I actually like this one better. The silver colours (I have in steel and titanium) are loud and scream "HEY THERE!" makin a bit of a statement, whereas, the black silkiness is reserved and can look sophisticated on a scaffold (yes, it IS possible). Its a great change on a chilled "yeah, whatever" day. Very good value (I've seen way more expensive steel blackline!) and can be contrasted with charms (I hung a silver star between the threaded balls on mine :p). Great buy.

By Anonymous

Great product. (15 January 2008)

Really great for scaffold and you can buy the right size for your ear. Although don't buy it too small.

By Anonymous

brilliant (23 November 2007)

i bought one of these for my scaffold in a 35mm and it's so comfortable, more so in fact than the one it was pierced with.

great value for money.

By Anonymous

35mm for scaffold! (27 November 2005)

I got a 35mm bar for my scaffold and it looks ace! makes it stand out more than my old one. got a plain s.s one aswell tho incase i fancied a change. deffinately worth every penny! would be cool if there were a few more sizes inbetween the 30, 35, 40mm etc.. and if u could get the longer lengths with the smaller balls. still great tho!

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