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By from Kent

Jet Black (15 May 2019)

Nice quality PVD coated titanium. Externally threaded but nice and smooth. They are well finished & look great too.

By from Virginia Beach

Excellent (17 May 2011)

Absolutely beautiful! I bought two of these for my venom piercing and they look lovely! they are very small and cute and I have already gotten a ton of compliments on them from everyone who sees my tongue, because I stick it out lot =P

By Anonymous

Great product (05 March 2010)

Brilliant quality, makes a change from the norm - plus if your school or workplace doesn't allow piercings then this is more discreet

By Anonymous

Brownie points (21 May 2008)

I got this for my girlfriend and she loves it, obviously the colour sets it apart from the standard silver that the majority of folks wear but the quality and feel really set it apart. Come to think of it, i should buy more now as she's currently not talking to me lol

By Anonymous

Great!! (18 April 2008)

Great piece of jewellery. looks amazing, definately better than silver!!!

By Anonymous

sexy tongue (18 March 2008)

got this for my tongue piercing. cos it's black it look really different. very comfortable and will definately recommend.

By Anonymous

Barbell (17 February 2008)

I bought this for my tongue piercing and it is really comfy but the black colour does look a little odd. I like it though! =P

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