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By Anonymous

Relatively good product (02 September 2015)

Pain in the backside to get on, but once in place seems relatively sturdy, and so far comfortable.

By Anonymous

Awesome :) (08 June 2010)

i got these for my snakebites, they were easy to fit and the perfect size for me. theyre black so they go with anything if you're in to matching colours and look blatently like piercings, not like you've got a mole or a bug on your face.
didnt drop off too easy either and were very comfortable to wear.

By Anonymous

Perfect (12 April 2009)

I got these to go with a bioplast stem for my scaffold. They fit really well and haven't fallen off once. Plus they look like blackline except they're much cheaper! They're pretty difficult to get on though, my piercer had to clamp my ear to put them on the barbell stem, and he very rarely uses clamps.

By Anonymous

Great but... (14 March 2009)

They were really hard to get on the bioflex, but once they were on, they stayed. If they make a bioflex big enough for my lip I will get more.

By Anonymous

Good Product (26 July 2008)

Exelent product.
Havent fallen off once.
Rather difficault to place on the end of the bioflex bar.

By Anonymous

Speedy change! (17 July 2008)

Great for those who hate messing with the regular screw-fit balls. These are sooooo simple and fabulous. Thanks!

By Anonymous

push fit ball (18 March 2008)

I got a couple of these to make changing and fitting some akward piercings easier. They are ok, but once i had cut the bioplast to size, the balls didn't fit as easy because the bioplast end was no longer a smooth curve. I still prefer screw fit balls, but these have there place, just not my thing. Better to purserver with screw fit bals in my opinion

By Anonymous

[: (10 January 2008)

I'll be buying more of these in future.
They make changing jewellery so easy.
No fiddling around with tiny screw on balls that are impossible.
Just push it onto the end and job done.


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