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By Anonymous

AMAZING (30 November 2009)

I got one of these for my tongue piercing and have got to say they are very comfortable and at first i kept thinking i's swallowed the bar they are really unnoticeable and good for your gums which is a bonus.

By Anonymous

CHEEKY!! (26 November 2009)

I`m a body piercer and got a pair of these last year along with 2x 1.6 black push fit balls specifically to use as the intial jewellery in my cheek piercings and they are great. I cut them down to 20mm to accumulate any swelling and then once fully healed I cut them down again to 14mm. A year down the line they are still in great condition,very comfortable and a lot prettier than regular titanium alternatives.
I recommend bioflex jewellery to all my customers!!

By Anonymous

Great Material. (26 May 2009)

Great for any oral piercings these are number one for comfort, they are really gentle on the gums and don't harm the teeth so much as compared to metals.

By Anonymous

labret (01 January 2008)

These are really good for a perfect fit of jewellery, it is also very comfortable to wear in labret piercings as it doesnt hurt to rub against your gums

By Anonymous

Life Savers (02 November 2007)

I bought a pair of these for my lowbret piercings which were, at the time, in desperate need of help. Due to their exceptionally low placement, the over-sized metal labret stems were constantly rubbing on my gums whenever I moved my mouth, resulting in excruciating sores and gum recession.

After cutting these down to size (simply with a quick snip from some nail scissors, I fitted them into my lowbrets, and secured them with a pair of black Bioplast push-fit balls, which made things nice and easy - I didn't have to risk ruining the new stems with dodgy threading. After fitting the Bioplast stems, my gums eventually reverted back to normal and my lowbrets are pain free.

These things are great regardless of what your look is, as there are plenty of options for jewellery. As mentioned earlier, I opted for push-fit balls (there is a small selection including jeweled and clear), however the stems can be threaded with any metal attachment of your choice, making it great for any occasion.

One thing to watch out for is that the disc on the end is very small. It's been fine for me, but in piercings such as cheek piercings or anything else very fleshy, it could probably run the risk of embedding if the jewellery is even slightly too tight.

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