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By Anonymous

Love Them (23 October 2012)

These are great. I wear these in my labrets all the time. They are so comfortable and I like how the beads appear to float when I smile. The only downside is that I find myself chewing on them and eventually I chomp the base off the stem.


Recommended (17 January 2012)

These are fantastic in lip piercings! Really comfortable and easy to wear. Would highly recommend to anyone who's had trouble with metal labrets catching/rubbing on teeth and gums.

By from Bristol

Discreet & great for use during an MRI scan (09 August 2011)

Bought this product a few months ago. I used it to retain my helix piercing during an MRI scan (strictly no metal allowed in the scanner...); it was easy to put in and fit very comfortably. I can imagine it would be very useful in the workplace as it's quite discreet.
Great little thing.

By Anonymous

sooo comfy (07 April 2011)

received this product the day after it was ordered, speedy delivery is always a plus! Replaced the titanium stem with the new bioflex stem and could not believe the difference in comfort, I did think that perhaps it was a bit of a gimmick but I hardly even notice it is there it is so comfortable. I could feel the titanium stud against my gums but the back of this one is soft and doesn't rub at all, will be ordering more.

By from Southampton

Great stuff (19 January 2011)

It turns out that I seem to be allergic to all metals except silver so finding that Bioplast was hypoallergenic and I could tolerate it well was a godsend. I am one happy bunny now! (With a list of piercings to get done) Great stuff!!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (16 September 2010)

I wear this in my helix piercing cause it is causing me some grief and it is doing well since i put it in.

By Anonymous (15 January 2010)

very comfortable product. the only problem with these is that i found myself chewing it because its a soft material making sharp edges in my mouth

By Anonymous

Great Product! (13 July 2009)

As an avid horse rider, I often worry about my piercing getting caught, snagged or damaged through general wear and tear or if I fall off, so I bought this as it is flexible and would minimise damage to my piercings. I have to say it's really comfortable and has made wearing my riding hat a lot easier (it used to rub against my ear piercings) as the stem allows for alot of movement.

I would recommend this to anyone who does any sort of sport and the price is great too!

By Anonymous

We Need a 1.6mm (21 April 2009)

Yer these are a good idea, as cutting then other ones down can cause problems, main reason being its very difficult get a threaded ball on it. But please, BJS please make a 1.6mm version.

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