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By from Maine, USA

Just what I needed! (30 October 2017)

These are perfect for my philtrum piercing! Yes, they are visible, but it's very difficult to tell unless one is close to the piercing. This is my first experience with bioplastic and I'm very pleased with it. The ends tend to bend if it is not straight going into the labret; patience is a virtue! Shipping was also very fast! Very satisfied overall with my purchase!

By from Kent, UK

High quality! (10 April 2017)

I love this! I wanted a replacement to a another brand's clear version of this as theirs was rubbish, could see piercing hole & i couldn't find a skin color one until i found this :D

I'm pale & this isn't even noticeable at all! Love it going to get my 2nd one of this to 'hide' my other piercing regrets lol.


By Anonymous

Brilliant (19 January 2017)

I brought this to conceal my lip piercing while at work and at first I didnt think it would be as good as it is, it was so hard to see I even had a piercing at all!

They fit very comfortably as well and were very secure.

I did find them a bit fiddly sometimes to get the end in, but I think that was just where I am a bit heavy handed sometimes. Also, after a while the end did start to bend, but it didnt really cause any problems.

By Anonymous

Fantastic for work (17 October 2016)

My holes nearly close up after about a day of nothing in them, so I use 4 of these in my double lobes for work. The flesh tone is lighter than my skin, but not noticeable unless you're looking for them. My boss is a stickler for the "no multiple piercings" rule and still either lets it slide or doesn't notice.

By from Australia

Awesomeness (08 May 2012)

I ordered them on a Sunday and got a conformation on the following Monday, then got them the next Monday. Pretty awesome if you ask me - the fastest shipping I've come across.

When I first saw the retainer, I was like "Oh no, it's going to be way too small!" but it's just the right length, I think.
The skin colour of it matches my light complexion perfectly and it's interchangeable with the skin-coloured push-part and other accessories... excellent value for money.

They'll hide my spiderbite piercings perfectly for work.

By Anonymous

Great! (25 January 2012)

These are Great and very discreet except the disc is very hard and fiddly to get in after you have put the actual retainer through! other wise good :)

By from Hampshire

Great for school (11 October 2011)

I bought this after my school told me to get rid of my lip piercing ,and it was only 2 weeks old . Ive tried clear acrylic balls , which never hid it ... I ordered this on a Wednesday afternoon and it came Friday morning :) it was a bit hard to get in as it's a different thread that I'm used to, Vaseline helped it get it. If your clumsy get a few spare - just incase. The flesh coloured helps hide it but stands out a little more than preferred , but I manage to walk past the head teacher and she doesn't see it:) ordered 2 more with clear accessories to see if they hide it a little more . Overall , great retainers ... And they healed my initial piercing quicker then all my friends titanium bars:)


Brilliant (07 September 2010)

I bought this for my nose piercing because the ends of retainers specifically made for noses often feel like they are pulling through the hole or actually just slide through regardless of what gauge I buy. It works a charm and is really comfortable on the inside of my nose.

By Anonymous

Hardly noticeable (13 July 2010)

I got this to use for work and I must say its worked a treat so far, It's only noticeable from very close distance!

By Anonymous

Just great (29 June 2010)

This retainer is just the best!
I was so worried when i started work, because I should remove my labret , but thanks to the retainer, I can hold it. It can be hardly noticed, only when you are very close.
I am happy I found this shop and especially this product.

By Anonymous

Love the bioplast. The fleshtone tip...a little too light (29 June 2010)

I absolutely love the bioplast. I can't wear my lip ring at work so I got these because other spacer i've bought just irritate my lip. However, the fleshtone tip is too light for my skin and makes it noticeable. Over all I love it!

By Anonymous

Careful when you push! (27 February 2010)

I was putting my flesh tone push fit top on to the post to put into my pill box where I keep my retainers and the pesky push fit post bent. I had ordered two pair (one with the flesh tone hider, and one with a small sparkle) so it wasn't a big deal, but don't push too hard! Otherwise, I love the product. I've had my labret pierced for over 10 years, and had yet to find a disk that didn't nest more deeply than I'd like (I got the 10mm). I love that I can change the tip without having to take out my post all the time! Super comfortable, and super easy. Love it! Plus, a clear tip shows the hole. I am a teacher and kids are always asking about the 'black hole' in my lip. Now it's what's that pink thing, if anything!

By Anonymous

(: (18 February 2010)

I put this in 6 days after i got my lip pierced maybe a bit too early. I really think this should come in a 12mm length as i ordered both a 10mm and 8mm. 8mm is way too small! And felt like the 10mm was gonna disappear into my lip however maybe thats because i changed it too early. These are perfect for hiding the piercing, although i do advise you order the ones with the clear top as this looks like a spot rather than blending in with the skin. Overall i would still recommend this retainer as it is a lot comfier than metal bars. I dont think i'll be able to go back to wearing a metal bar after this one.

By Anonymous

lip retainer (06 February 2010)

Bought one of these for my lip, but my lip was too fat for it, so i ended up using it for my nose, it was fantastic, school dont even notice it, even at close range, it works really well! Thanks BJS!

By Anonymous

Working great so far (14 January 2010)

So far so good! This labret post is really comfortable and the head blends in quite well. I suggest ordering a bunch because it is really easy to lose the heads, and it's usually just a good idea to have emergency spares.

By Anonymous

[: (09 November 2009)

I brought a couple of these for my snake bites.
I love to do my own piercings && working as a waitress most of my piercings aren't allowed to be seen. I put these in as soon as I did my piercings && my boss doesn't even notice them so hopefully my customers can't either (Y) There're definately worth the money, however the clear ones are best if you have a slightly darker skin tone [: x

By Anonymous

Awesome! (21 September 2009)

This is great! If someone was looking for a piercing then they might spot it but it is good generally!

It's not 100% skin coloured but it kinda nestles under the bottom lip on me and the disk is so small you can barely see it!

Plus, the bioplast bar is mega comfy and the 6mm one is lovely and snug to my lip!

By Anonymous

:) (13 June 2009)

I love these! They were a bit fiddly to get it at first but once they were in my piercings were almost invicible! They are nice and cheap aswell! 10/10

By Anonymous

Lighter than I expected (26 March 2009)

I am olive skinned and the end of this retainer was far too light and looked quite obvious, I prefer the clear version of this retainer which I use for school and it goes pretty much unnoticed. However this retainer would work well for those of a fairer skintone.

By Anonymous

:) (08 January 2009)

as my dad didnt know about my latest piercings
my angel bites
i decided to get these
ive had them in for 2 weeks
and he hasnt noticed :)
love them!!

By Anonymous

Clear retainer (09 November 2008)

Very good, i use mine at work for my lip,
and if your job is as fussy as mine,
you can take the end of the retainer off n leave the bar in,
and u cant even see its in there!
and just aslong as you can resist playing with it, it'll stay in quite well too.

10/10 stars

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