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By Anonymous

Great Item to buy! (11 February 2008)

This was a great item to wear in my tragus when going home to parents. My parents dissaprove of piercings but on seeing this sweet, cute jem , they actually said how nice it looked and my dad thought that i was very pretty on me! Definately would buy again - have had no trouble with it coming out of the piercing - make sure you buy the correct size.

By Anonymous

:/ (11 February 2008)

I bought three of these for my helix piercings.
The push fit heads are quite difficult to get in as they are so tiny!
I have to say that they hid the piercings very well, but unfortunately two of the push fit heads came off while I was sleeping.
The other one has stayed on perfectly though!

By Anonymous

Best retainer you can get (23 January 2008)

Its very comfortable and is hardly noticeable. So far the best retainer for the lip I have bought. I recommend it to anyone looking to hide their jewlary for work or school.

By Anonymous

wow! (19 January 2008)

Great product i thought it would show up on my skin because my skin is dark but no, it didnt, looks fantastic as if i dnt have anything in =] A bit fiddly but great results!!! Definitely recomended to anyone, great for school and/or work =]

By Anonymous

Bioplast Push Fit Labret Retainer - Clear. (12 January 2008)

This retainer fits snuggly in my low labret piercing and is barely visible, which come in super handy at work =D

By Anonymous

I never even had a piercing... (12 January 2008)

Excellent product, the head is so tiny it is practically invisible, it is a tiny bit fiddly to put in, but relatively easy to remove as long as you don't drop the miniscule push-fit head. Very comfortable on gums and teeth, and it can even be used in initial piercings that need to be hidden, unlike acrylic retainers. Top product!

By Anonymous

=) (07 January 2008)

first of all i think this is the best retainer for a labret I've had
theres been no complaints at school as it is virtually un-noticeable and is very comfy.
As with most lip jewelry it is quite fiddly to put on but once you get the hang of pushing it on its easy!

By Anonymous

rather good (05 January 2008)

its good really comfy not too hard to put in, the only thing im not sure about it whether theyre meant to rest n the of the skin or go inside a little.

but yeah really comfy :)

By Anonymous

Bioplast Push Fit Labret Retainer - Clear. (04 January 2008)

This stud fits perfectly in my low labret piercing and is terribly discreet and so goes undetected at my new job hehe =D

By Anonymous

Great item! (23 December 2007)

fantastic for hiding piercings be it ear or lip. i used mine to hide at school and it was great, they are also flexible so they're extra comfy to wear in your piercing. they are a little fiddly when it comes to fitting them but well worth it!

By Anonymous

Helix (22 November 2007)

I wear this in my helix, and it is so helpful! Virtually invisible, and easy to put in and out!

By Anonymous

clear push fit retainer (19 October 2007)

this has been a GODSEND for me at work as my boss doent approve of piercings, and he hasn't even noticed that i have 2 lip piercings! haha :-P HIGHLY recomended if you go to school!

By Anonymous

great stuff (10 October 2007)

tehy are amazing to hide a lip or ear piercing.
basically invisible!

but be carefull!!!! when the light hit's them, they do shine quite a bit - I found that out the hard way

anyway - great stuff - buy one! xD

By Anonymous

Great! (09 October 2007)

These are barely visible so great for school or work!
They're comfortable too! - Recommended

By Anonymous

Fantastic item (08 October 2007)

I bought my sister a pair of these for her lobe piercings, as they are at 1.2mm. She cannot wear barbells for school due to health and safety reasons in P.E. so i thought a pair of these little ones would go unnoticed. They've worked a treat.

Practically invisible, if you don't know what they are, are comfy and perfect for still healing piercings too as the material is biocompatible.

Great buy!

By Anonymous

woop (08 October 2007)

i wear one of these for work, and its never really been noticed.
best retainer i've seen around yet.

By Anonymous

Bioplast labret (02 October 2007)

I am in love
Easy to wear
Basicly invisible
So long story short
Wanting to get away with piercing
Buy one

By Anonymous

A brilliant product. (21 July 2007)

I am thrilled that such and easy to wear retainer is availble now.
It's much easier to put in and you can barely see it.
Perfect for work or occasions when you need to hide your piercing.

By Anonymous

I'm Glad I Waited (09 May 2007)

These have been on eBay for a while, but were being sold at nearly £8 a go, so I gave it a pass. But when they came out on BJS for £3.50, I purchased one straight away. The package arrived two days later, and I'm currently wearing the retainer in my labret. It's very comfortable and almost invisible - definitely the most subtle retainer I've seen. It was a little hard to get the disc in because it was so tiny, but other than that, I haven't had any problems.

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