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By Anonymous

Bioplast Push Fit Labret Retainer (12 December 2008)

These are a very discreet retainer. Highly effective at disguising your lip piercing. However, the push fit ends are very fiddly / difficult to fit as they are so small. U have to have very short finger nails to be able to do it at all as your nails just get in the way.

By Anonymous

Good But Easy To Lose (17 November 2008)

Very good product, hides your piercing for school and work etc. but i would recommend getting a few because the ends are very small and easy to lose.

By Anonymous

retainer (15 November 2008)

its very good and its hard to spot it

But after a while it gets loose and doesn't clip in right

So it kept falling out and eventually I lost it.

By Anonymous

Excellent!!! (12 November 2008)

This really does well to hide your piercing! I did find however that you could tell a little on newer piercings as you can see they're red. All in all an excellent product at a price you can't argue with!!

By Anonymous

nob on! (07 November 2008)

got this for work for the misus and its gr8 not at all noticable and lots of different push fit ends to go on so dont have to change the whole thing. most importantly she says it very comfortable.

By Anonymous

Fooled the boss (06 November 2008)

Used these to hide my lip piercing while it healed after being told to remove the stud by my employer.... No one noticed and I even got told that I looked much better without the piercing! Also proved ideal to reduce the blister/ulcer that formed inside my lip due to the rubbing of the metal stud - a double whammy and well worth the money.

By Anonymous

:D (04 November 2008)

after getting my lip pierced i worried about school but this product hid my piercing so well! im so glad i got it. its a bit fiddily but it looks great and is really comfortable!

By Anonymous

Brilliant while they lasted (02 November 2008)

I ordered 6 of these (in a few different sizes) and i was quite impressed how they hid my ear piercings.
I did think that the fleshy-coloured fitting end was a bit of a let-down as i thought it'd be clear; the 'fleshy' colour was very different to that of my skin so was slightly visible.
But nobody noticed them so they were very very good.

PROBLEM: I had lost 4 of them within 2 weeks. I'm not really a 'fiddler' with my piercings but whenever i went to move my hair from over my ears they seemed to pop out (even though they were snugly fitting) and it was hell to find them again...

By Anonymous

BRILLIANT (31 October 2008)

this is great for covering up a lip piercing, its slightly obvious but not that much, easy enough to suck in and its gone! 9* great product!

By Anonymous

Totally awesome (29 September 2008)

Needed 2 of these baby's for school and they really are great, they will hide your piercing so you can't get told off by work or school (or maybe parents?) ><

Good luck !

(Bye this item, it's hella useful!)

By Anonymous

Gooooood (25 September 2008)

I use this for hiding my ear piercings for school, works fine. Bit fiddley to start with, and very easy to loose/drop as its small and see-through, but a great product!

By Anonymous

Discrete and comfy! (02 September 2008)

A godsend for those times when you can't turn up with a face full of metal! Very discrete and comfy to wear, a great buy! Slightly fiddly to start with but fine as soon as you get used to putting them in!

By Anonymous

love it!!! (02 September 2008)

these are so good and so comfy i sometimes forget to replace them at the end of the day with my metal labret!

perfect for a lower-lip peircing and noone at work even noticed i had a peircing there, they are so good if you have a job where piercings arent allowed....

i did also try the retainer with the extra ring on the end but its totally not needed for a lip piercing and makes it way more obvious.

tip: to make it show even less, i would put it in, measure up where my lip ended, cut the excess off with a sharp knife and file down the sides so it didnt hurt or rub. really worked tho be careful not to leave any sharp sides to cut yourself when putting the retainer back in.

love it!

By Anonymous

Small, Discreet, Quite White (29 August 2008)

Very comfortable to wear, light and easy to take in and out. I can still notice the jewellery as the white of the push to fit ball stands out quite a lot against my olive skin tone. I also got the black one and as I already have a beauty spot there it blends in nicely.
Good retainer thought and will work great with lighter skin tones. I would recommend it to a friend!

By Anonymous

Thankyou Bodyjewellery! (28 August 2008)

I have previously bought 3 retainers elsewhere, and I had major concerns with all of them. One of them was too noticeable, the other rubbed on my gums and another kept falling apart. I have to admit things looked bad. Real bad. School was coming up and I really didn't want to have to tell the deputy where he can stick it just to save my beloved lip piercing. But alas, my bioplast retainer came in the post this morning and it is more than a thing of beauty, it is discreet perfection itself!!! It is very comfortable and most importantly it is almost invisible. I must admit patience was required when putting it in as it was fiddly but with a little TLC, a pair of tweezers, a magnifying glass and a ray gun, I succeeded. I would recommend anyone and everyone to buy their piercing an imaginary friend... and nobody needs to know :)

By Anonymous

How did I survive without one?? (18 August 2008)

These are actually amazing xD Dont have to worry about my labret closing up when I have to take it out for school and work. A real life (And lip) saver!! A must have for important occasions!!

By Anonymous

Best this for work! (11 August 2008)

Went into work for my induction day... "yeah, you're gonna have to lose the lip piercing I'm afraid" they said. I didn't mind because I had seen this and I knew I'd buy it and it'd be okay after that. And it was, they still haven't noticed and it's been about 7 weeks now :D

By Anonymous

bioplast retainer (29 July 2008)

i wear this to retain my tragus piercing when i play sports and it does the job really well! its comfy to wear aswell but it can be fiddly fitting the end because its so small

By Anonymous

very good (22 July 2008)

good product, very comfortable and hide well
however, make sure take care whilst taking ends in and out as it can be abit fiddly, and are easy to drop and lose

By Anonymous

Great Retainer! (05 July 2008)

This is the best retainer i found for my lip piercings EVER!
I couldnt find it anywhere here in Brazil, but thank you Body Jewellry Shop i can shop online overseas!

They hide my piercings perfectly! Couldnt be better!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (05 July 2008)

This product was brilliant and has saved my labret so many times I can't even count them.

I have a small beard so with this in it instantly becomes invisible and unlike so many retainers I have used it's push fit system prevents any feelings of discomfort from thread inside the piercing.

As an object to have in your mouth this jewlery is brilliant due to how soft it feels on the inside of your mouth, I find it easy to forget there is even any jewlery in the area.

I enjoyed this product so much I purchased another for my nose....

....and I wouldn't be suprised if I come back for more as my piercing colection grows

By Anonymous

Pretty awesome piece of plastic! (28 June 2008)

For a while, I couldn't have my lip piercings out for more that a few hours without them starting to close up and these have saved my piercings on multiple occasions when I've had to have them out for interviews or I've lost my jewellery. They seem a little fragile and they don't last a fantastic amount of time before getting chewed up and I've gone through about 5 of them in 4 years due to playing with my piercings a lot and biting through them, forgetting they are soft plastic instead of metal.

They are incredibly comfortable (once they're in - which is a challenge with tight-tight newer piercings) and I can't complain. They do just what they say they do!

By Anonymous

It actually works! (01 June 2008)

Really comfortable and nearly invisible. Perfect for work- my boss still hasn't noticed my lip piercing- and it's soft so a double thumbs up from my dentist as well.
Definately the best retainer I've bought.

By Anonymous

A bit awkward, but very effective (16 May 2008)

I found these a bit difficult to put in - the little insert bit is difficult to grasp, being so teeny, and I've admittedly lost one or two on light coloured floors

However, they're great for hiding your lip piercing - very discreet, and very comfortable

By Anonymous

Best Retainer I've Ever Bought! (11 April 2008)

This is quite honestly the best retainer I have ever purchased. It's soft and flexible, so no more chipped teeth from accidentally biting down on it! Not only that, it hides my piercing better than any other retainer also - it's nearly invisible. I've paid quite a lot more for products that weren't half as good; two thumbs up!

By Anonymous

Snuggly! (03 April 2008)

i bought this for my lip, as not only is it perfect at work, but its soft. it has been mentioned before, but other studs can rub at gums, and i have a tendancy to chew on the back of mine (not nice, i know) but these realy do feel softer and more comfortable, well worth it, recommended!

By Anonymous

100% (02 April 2008)

This is most def. the best retainer I have found yet. So comfy and so descrete. For months my boss didnt even know I had my labret piercing. A must have 100%

By Anonymous

goood (01 March 2008)

these really hide my lip piercing well!

By Anonymous

Labret (29 February 2008)

I have found this great for work as my Boss dissapproves of my Labret piercing.
As many others have said; I found the end piece a bit fiddly to fit, the best way I found was to balace it on the very tip of the index finger and watch in the mirror as I moved my head towards my finger more than tilting the piece towards my lip.
The actual retainer piece was easy enough to get into place, I found it much softer on my gum than a metal stud however it caught on my teeth more easily whilst eating than a metal piece.
If the product is required for work/school etc I would reccomend buying 2 and keeping a spare as I have managed to lose a couple of the end plugs on my light bathroom carpet!
Overall an extremely effective and useful product!

By Anonymous

Lip (14 February 2008)

Since losing two of these, I moved it from my ear to my lip. The metal plate on the back of the lip bar was starting to wear away my gum, and I have to say that this is very gentle on it and is definitely helping.
Would definitely recommend to my friends (if only they had piercings...)

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