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By Anonymous

Small (09 February 2010)

I found the bar smaller than my barbells - which were the same size. I also find that wearing the retainer without the clear end also looks more descrete but you need to be careful you dont swallow the bars. Comfy to wear

By Anonymous

Great (20 January 2010)

This is really nice to wear, a good product as the push fit endings are much tighter than my previous retainers

By Anonymous

Its good but could be better..... (15 December 2009)

This isthe perfect retainer for my lowbrets, snakes and angels, HOWEVER when you have 6 lip piercings and wear 6 of these at once u look like u have a bad skin condition in sunlight, and somtimes the clear bit pops out, you look like a bit of a numpty in the middle of a shop on your hands and knee's

but overall a good product.

By Anonymous

very comfortable (11 December 2009)

I wear this for my center lip piercing. Its only really noticeable when I smile, but its soooo super comfy compared to my last retainer.

By Anonymous

=) (20 November 2009)

just recieved mine & love it, i'm going to stock up on accessories as it is super easy to use & saves you having to change the stud as you just simply push in a new ending =) recommended .. just be careful not to drop the push fit ending like i did as it is super small & extremley hard to find if dropped

By Anonymous

Fantastic!! (18 October 2009)

I would reccomend this product to everyone, I get in a lot of trouble at college for wearing too much jewellry and since buying this no one has noticed!! Very good :)

By Anonymous

Bioplast (24 September 2009)

Bioplast is so comfy. Faily easy to get in and is hardly noticable. I wear one everyday, you can pull the end of and have whatever you want on the end so you never need another stem :]

By Anonymous

Works wonders (24 September 2009)

I have to wear my hair up for work, and my cartilidge piercing was fairly noticeable, so I bought this. It has worked wonders. I haven't had my piercing mentioned by anyone, and I regularly come into contact with the MD's! It was a little fiddly to get the push fit end in but worth the effort.

By Anonymous

Make sure to get the right size (25 August 2009)

The one I got was a bit short and when I was eating a burger I bit on the inside and it pulled the top halfway into my lip. Otherwise they are great, unnoticeable

By Anonymous

Great Product (14 August 2009)

Perfect for work, comfortable to wear, ideal for people who constantly change coloured studs - less hassle lol

By Anonymous

comfy (31 July 2009)

really comfy and they cant see it at work!!

By Anonymous

FAB!! (30 July 2009)

I use this product for work which is ideal as i work at a school and it goes un noticed! Fab product!!

By Anonymous

works well!! (11 July 2009)

This was perfect for when i was at work and hardly anyone saw my snakebite, except my manager who only noticed when he got about a centimetre away from them.
I would really recommend them but make sure you get the right size, the ones i purchased where too big and where fine when i was talking but when i smiled it did look a bit odd sticking out!
Easy to put in and take out and nowhere near as fiddly as other jewellery can be.
Love them!

By Anonymous

=] (02 July 2009)

These are so comfy to wear, its like it's not there :)

By Anonymous

Perfect! (01 July 2009)

Brilliant for hiding up piercings in job interviews.

By Anonymous

The Best! (27 May 2009)

Since my teachers have caught me with my ear pierced, i was look for a product that i could use. THIS IS IT! it works perfect!

I would recommend to anybody that wants to hid there piercing, just make sure you buy the right size....

By Anonymous

sweet (26 May 2009)

This are awesome for hiding piercings, comfie too!

By Anonymous

Great (22 May 2009)

This labret does the job perfectly!
I need to keep facial piercings hidden during the day, and with this is, people do not realise i have a piercing .... with the added help of make-up =]

By Anonymous

cool (07 April 2009)

i bought 1 of these a while back and it fits in perfectly and ive never had eny trouble with it

By Anonymous

Sweet (06 April 2009)

Nifty lil things these retainers, worked perfectly for my lip. Not problems at all except it keeps popping out although i did accidently order the smallest one so faults on my side.

By Anonymous

Love it! (14 March 2009)

I wear this every day and it never feels like it's there. I'm going to order more!

By Anonymous

hiding (12 March 2009)

i work at a Hospital, and you're not allowed more than a pair of earrings, it's great for hiding my pair on my tragus, lol

By Anonymous

Perfectly hidden (10 March 2009)

This retainer i ordered for my lobe piercing i just got as i was not allowed to wear it in school it hides it perfectly, only people i have told no that i have my ear pierced!

By Anonymous

Useful for work/college and very good value for money! (03 March 2009)

I bought one of these when my college tutor expressed a dislike of my beloved labret piercing. It arrived within two days of me placing my order, and I immediately tried it out. Whilst I was wearing it, no one could notice that my labret is pierced and I have stopped getting hassle from the college!

The downside is that it keeps popping out when I talk or eat, and I have lost a few because of that. However since these are very good value for money, I have bought several and keep a couple in my purse when I am out. I have also found that placing an o-ring on the front of the jewellery helps to hold it in place, and doesn't really make it any more visible, though sometimes it does feel a little bit tight.

I have recommended these to a few people, and they have all agreed that this piece of jewellery is useful and practical, and a must for any piercing-lover!

By Anonymous

Fabulous (03 March 2009)

I bought the 10mm retainer and its fabulous :)
Great for hiding at work and also helps stop swelling and the nasty scabs

By Anonymous

Great for work! (01 March 2009)

Where I work it's frowned upon to have piercings but this hides them perfectly!

By Anonymous

Finaly (12 February 2009)

Been looking for something like this for a long time for my labret. Stores here in the states only seem to know about clear balls and o-ring retainers. And those aren't even close to how invisible these are.

I talk alot and don't have time to change my retainer out to eat, so I was constantly poping off the ring. So far I've only caught this with my teeth once and with its small size my lip sucked it in and kept it from flying off. Pushed the post back in and the disc dropped into my hand.

Overall a great product. Will buy more.

Now if I could just find one with an internaly threaded post so even if it caught my teeth it wouldn't pop out.......

By Anonymous

Great! (08 February 2009)

I think this product is great. Works perfectly.

By Anonymous

Oops (24 January 2009)

Unfortunately bought the wrong length, but otherwise a really great retainer- little hard to get in and out at first but I think with practice it would be fine - just need to get the right size =)

By Anonymous

stealthy (19 January 2009)

This was great at work as it made my piercing practically disappear.
A bit tricky to put the clear accessory in cos I have long nails, but toherwise great.

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