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Quality, very discreet (03 May 2016)

Only one person has noticed my ears are even pierced! Work and parents are still unaware.

I would suggest buying two as I lost the back of one quite easily, they're that good.

By Anonymous

Ok (01 April 2015)

These are really good for hiding piercings. I have 4 of these for my lobe piercings (2 on each side) and i've found that with the lower lobes the retainer has gone inside my ears while I'm sleeping. Its a bit hard to explain but i thought that the disc had popped off in my sleep so i tried to pull the stem out which was still in there but i couldn't so i pushed it back through and realised the disc was still attached. Not good for my piercings which are still healing :/ So if the disc was a little bit wider so it didn't come through my piercing that would be nice. But I will still be using these for work anyway I don't have a problem with them during the day


Best thing since sliced bread (17 January 2015)

I bought two of these, one for my helix and one for my tragus, because I'm not allowed any piercings what so ever for work and no-one really notices them! They're incredible, I only ever take them out for cleaning

By from North west

Amazeballs!!! (28 August 2013)

Brilliant, unless you're up really close you can't tell it's in! The 10mm is way too long for my year old piercing, but its easy to trim with a craft knife to get it to the leng you want :-)

By from Huddersfield

Fantastic (13 April 2012)

I got my lip pierced around 2 weeks ago and my mum rang up school and told my head of year and he said 'he would keep an eye on me' my school has quite a strict rule on these things, so i bought this in the hopes to hide it, It's amazing he never even noticed it, even my bestfriend didn't realized until i told her!


Awsome! Practically invisible (31 March 2012)

I got this because I was starting at a new school and didn't want people to judge me because of my lip peircing. Nobody even noticed it until the 3rd week i was there when I wore my silver stud to school! it's practically invisible unless your up close! make sure to get the right size and length though, or else when you smile or talk it may stick out sometimes!


Perfect for work & job interviews (17 January 2012)

This hid my lip piercing perfectly for a job interview.

Catch 22; the push fit disc is almost the same width as the bar itself to make concealing your piercing more effective, however if you catch the back with your teeth you run the risk of pulling it straight through.

I would still recommend this for hiding lip piercings as it does just that.

By from United States

Perfect! (17 September 2011)

I had to buy one of these for my monroe shortly after I got it pierced (I couldn't show my piercing at the hospital, so it was this or take it out). This was perfect. Once I got it, no one complained, and it is sooooo comfortable! I've tried other plastic studs since then, and they've all rubbed my gums, but this one never has, and I've had it in for over a year now. I even wore this to two job interviews, and nobody noticed it! (Even when they were talking about how we can't wear body piercings, they didn't notice it!)
I think I bought the 10mm one, and then trimmed it down once my piercing healed up. The 10 is definitely long enough for a new piercing though.

By from London

Just what I needed! (15 September 2011)

The product came 2 days later which I was very happy with :) The bioplast isn't a hard plastic as I was expecting, it's a rubbery material which makes it extremely comfortable. Bioplast is also perfect as it prevents enamel damage.

I'm not allowed piercings for work and this does this trick! Wasn't as fiddly as I was expecting to fit in either, but I wouldn't recommend sleeping with it in in case it falls out or loosens overnight.

By from Missouri, USA

Comfy! (12 June 2011)

I got this for my labret (14 gauge, 8mm) and it is sooo comfy! I can barely feel it and I know it's way better for my teeth than a metal stud. :D Lucky for me since I'm going to the dentist next week. <_< I'm unsure as to how well the clear tip works on hiding the piercing since I am near-sighted and haven't needed to use it yet.

By from Blackburn

Just what I needed! (07 June 2011)

My body modifications supposedly affect the way I work, so I'm having to remove and cover up what I can. These are perfect for hiding my various ear piercings - especially my tragus and conch. People only notice them when they are extreeemely close, and we're talking "invading personal space" close. I can't recommend these enough for work - especially when you use a clear Bioplast accessory on the end!

By from Canada

AMAZING (02 April 2011)

Bought this, and no one at my work see's them, help me heal my snakebites. Man I love these. Recommended for EVERYONE


lurve it (12 March 2011)

i got this for my tragus which i cant wear for school but now i can wi these little babys just slide on a o-ring and your fine plus it heals faster and feels alot nicer i got 1.2 10mm :) x


So Discrete (23 January 2011)

i bought this product for work as I am not supposed to wear alot of jewellery and i can say it was discrete, no one noticed or remembered that i had a piercing even when they stood close to me.

By from So. IL

Love it! (21 November 2010)

After trimming this down just a tiny bit (I got the 10mm specifically so I could cut it to size) it was -perfect-. Comfortable fit and the disk is small enough that I barely feel it, but big enough that it doesn't risk pulling forward through the hole.

I'll definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

By Anonymous

extreme discretness (05 September 2010)

Using this for my monroe, its very discrett & although a retainer looks very good in. End can be fiddly to put on but after a few attempts becomes easy

By Anonymous

soo comfortable! (18 August 2010)

Its almost unoticable! and is really comfy to wear, wish i had one when i was still in school! The only little problem i found with it was that it was abit fidly, other than that i love it :)

By Anonymous

Brilliant. (01 July 2010)

Best retainer ever. Really comfy, secure and discreet. Make sure you get the right length though.

By Anonymous

Perfect (13 June 2010)

The absolute best labret retainer in existence. It took me some time to figure out what length I needed, but once I got it right, it was obviously the only way to go. Definitely recommended!

By Anonymous

Awesome (13 June 2010)

Perfect septum retainer! Works better than anything else I've used for it and it's secure enough that I don't worry at all about it.

By Anonymous

Almost invisible! (13 June 2010)

This is just so small and clear, its almost invisible!! Great for times when you want to hide your piercing.

By Anonymous

Great (26 May 2010)

Comfy to wear and hides piercing well! My piercing was hardly noticed while wearing this

By Anonymous

Highly recommended to get (09 May 2010)

Hardly noticeable, really comfy to wear. Great for work/school use!

By Anonymous

(^0^) (27 April 2010)

I LOVE THIS!!! definitely reccomended for work/school use.

By Anonymous

Awsome (12 April 2010)

Dude, these studs are amazing, I use them for work and with a clear push fit piece in the stud, its basically invisible, just looks like there is a black dot on your lip. Definitely recommend this to anyone with a boss at work always nagging about taking out your lip piercing piece.

By Anonymous

Brilliant (08 March 2010)

Personally, as a student teacher these retainers are a godsend! they are discreet enough that i can wear them at work in schools! Love them.,

By Anonymous

Discreet! (22 February 2010)

Really high quality retainer, practically invisible. Great for school!

By Anonymous

great :D (14 February 2010)

i baught these for my snakebites and now no teachers notice them in school, perfect :D the ends fit in fine and i havnt had any trouble with them :D thanks BJS :)

By Anonymous

Bioplast Labret Stud. (13 February 2010)

Really impressed with this product. Easy to put in and take out. Amazing for new piercings as it does reduce healing time. Put this in my lip piercing as I was having a few problems with it healing and this sorted it out straight away! Brilliant (:

By Anonymous

Can Finaly Have Snakebites (12 February 2010)

I just got this today in the mail & put it in right away. I took my awhile to get the clear push fit ending on since it is so small but it's great! you can't see it from a couple of feet away & that's when i smile since it stick's out just alittle bit. The field i work in doesn't approve of piercings so with this no one will know that i have my lip pierced! I'm defiantly going to get the other side of my lip pierced to complete my snakebites.

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