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By Anonymous from London

Stunning beauty spot (08 March 2014)

Absolutely love this! Everyone compliments my beauty spot - ha if only they knew it was plastic! Just stock up on a few incase you bite one off! Try a few different sizes too. I started off with 10 then went down to 8!

By Anonymous

My first retrainer (05 July 2010)

This is the first retainer I took, and it was a great choice. I can go to work, and not worry, because it looks just like a beauty mark.

By Anonymous

Perfect! (09 May 2010)

Looks so convincing as a beauty mark, really comfy wearing this too!

By Anonymous

Good buy! (20 January 2010)

Looks great and the length of the rod was just right, unlike my previous retainers. Worth the $$

By Anonymous

Nice Item (27 December 2009)

I really liked this retainer, the black beauty spot really looked great.

the only negative part is that the end of the retainer sometimes slipped through my entire piercing in my lip!

but this is the best retainer i have had

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (15 December 2009)

Admittedly incredibly fiddly to get in at first, but once in it hides my madonna like nobody's business.

I've tried several similar retainer affairs with o-rings and the like but none were as subtle as this. The price is very decent as well.

By Anonymous

Great Product (31 July 2009)

This product is great, very cheap as-well, but the only disappointment is that the black bit at the end that you have to push in is very fiddly to get in but once its in great product defiantly good to hide as a mole on your lip, i would recommend this to anyone.

By Anonymous

Perfection! (04 March 2009)

this was so perfect, looks amazing in my madonna,subtle and really comfy, the top disc was tricky to get in and out and i did drop it, mainly becasue it's so tiny, but this is just the best thing ever, it looks so perfect.

By Anonymous

:) (18 November 2008)

Love them, bought two for my double madonnas.
They are less prominent than the balls on normal labret studs and they really do look like beauty spots! Great price too :D

By Anonymous

Good product! (29 September 2008)

This product is useful for piercings such as lip, nostril ect. Places where a beauty spot may occur and look less out of place, otherwise, i would advise getting the flesh toned or the clear retainer (if hiding it is your game) the bioflex is also great for causing less damage to your teeth/gums in lip piercings

By Anonymous

Brilliant for darker skin tones, looke like a beauty spot! (29 August 2008)

I love this one, discreet and less noticeable on darker skin tones. Very comfortable and light, I hardly notice it compared to the white one. I have a small beauty spot on my lower lip and the black blends nicely into it.
Would recommend this one for darker skin tones and to give the impression of a beauty spot!

By Anonymous

9/10 (23 August 2008)

recently bought this to make my piercing more discreet for school, did the trick. I would say though the 'black spot' is very small and quite fiddly to put in place and take out, but overall its a good product :D

By Anonymous

Beauty Spot (20 July 2008)

This is a really good product, good for the working environment aswell... As they all think I acquired a new beauty spot and not a medusa piercing! Easy to fit and a bargain price. :) 10/10!

By Anonymous

looks good. (25 June 2008)

I do love this! it actually looks like a real beauty spot and my teachers didnt even realise it.

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