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By Anonymous

Perfect! (06 June 2008)

Really does conceal my nose piercing, it's great for school as no-one notices. For the price, this product is well worth the buy!! 10/10

By Anonymous

excellent product!!! (02 June 2008)

this nose retainer is amazing... i have to hide my piercing for work, and nobody even noticed i had it in. even i forgot i had my nose pierced!
a must for anyone who needs to hide their piercing!

By Anonymous

aaaarrrg! FINALLY! (17 March 2008)

I haven't been able to find 16g clear nose screws OR studs ANYWHERE! i'm so happy i finally found them! i bought 4 in my excitment... :)

By Anonymous

FANTASTIC!! (03 January 2008)

this product is fab because i thought they just sent me a plastic bag with nothing init but htere was MY nose stud

people who i told at my school i had my nose pierced over the phone came up to me studies my nose and said you dont have it done!!

By Anonymous

OMG (30 December 2007)

They are fantastic who ever invented this THUMBS UP for me

my mum said it you can put a retainer in you can get your nose pierced

i bought one of here at very reasonable price to!!

cuz i went to the local piercing shop and theres were £8.50

plus the bus fare home :)

Recomended to any one trying to avoid people at school or work knowing you have it done

thanks alot :)

By Anonymous


I purchased these a while back, and they are quite possibly the best thing i have ever bought! They are comfortable, helped both my nose piercings heal much quicker and are practically completely invisible!! i wear them for school, and no one has noticed! Even my friends, who know i have my nose pierced, thought i had taken them out and let them heal. only downside is i have had to buy more as i loose them quite alot (they are difficult to see if you drop them! but if you cant see them, they have served their purpose!). but the price is more than acceptable for such a brilliant product. top notch!!

By Anonymous

Nose (22 November 2007)

My boss hasn't noticed me wearing my retainer in my nose for 1 year now. This makes your piercing invisible as anything! If someone does actually take a good look, they normally just see a "hole" and not any metal. A must if you need to hide your nose piercing!

By Anonymous

Nose Retainer (05 November 2007)

I bought this product, three times (cause I keep losing them), so I could save my nose piercing as my work does not allow facial piercings. If I wear a stud the customers moan & the boss doesnt look best pleased, but with the nose retainer the piercing is "gone" & there's no agro from anyone. I would definitely recommend the product to people who are in similar circumstances.

The only grievance I have with this thing is that it can sometimes be quite uncomfy to wear, although my latest model seems to be smaller & less noticeable...worth it tho

By Anonymous

Amazing (13 October 2007)

These really are amazing.
If, like me, you promised yourself that if your piercing ever healed up you wouldn't get it pierced again to spare yourself the pain, but goes to a school/ work place where piercings are not allowed then these are so perfect for you.

My friend got me one of these when I got my part time job and my boss told me to remove the nose piercing.
My boss didn't even notice it and neither does anyone else...even if they know I have a piercing.

By Anonymous

love it (13 October 2007)

i find bioplast great in both my nose piercings. it's both comfortable and cheap and if you want to hide your piercings the retainer is great =]

totally worth it :)

By Anonymous

brilliant (06 October 2007)

i have one of there for my nose piercing, and it is hardly noticeable.
i wear it at school, as no piercings allowed, but not one teacher has noticed.

By Anonymous

Works VERY well =D (06 October 2007)

For my birthday my friend ordered me lots of nose studs from BJS including this one. I don't know why she got me this though. My school is okay with piercing and my parents are okay too.

I tried it in and wow! You can't even tell I have my nose pierced! If I went to a school that didn't let you have piercings , this would work great! And it is a good shape. I couldn't tell I was wearing it because it's just the right size =]

This is a BRILLIANT retainer! No one can tell you have your nose pierced. Also I'm sure it can be used for ear piercings too! So if anyone needs a nose retainer , you should defintely order this one. It's brilliant!

By Anonymous

BioPlast = Brill (25 September 2007)

I brought one of these for my cartaliage piercing, for work mostly, since i got told im not allowed any piercings...and it is so discreet, i didnt even see it when i put it in.
Plus it is really comfy and its so easy to clean! Plus it's helping my ear heal really nicely because im having some trouble getting it to heal.
It's really easy to put in & take out too.
10/10 Brilliant product from BJS well done!

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